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Nordost Trade-in Special: 75% Value Exchanges Towards Norse 2 Cables

by Nordost (Specials)


Nordost Trade-in Special: 75% Value Exchanges Towards Norse 2 Cables

You have a limited time opportunity to get 75% trade in value (plus a FREE gift) when you upgrade your older Norse Series cables (Blue Heaven and above for signal cables, Shiva and above for power cords, MoonGlo and above for digital cables) for the latest Nordost  Norse 2 Series cables.

-The trade-in cable must be for the same type of cable you are upgrading to. So a Nordost power cord trade-in must be for a Norse 2 power cord, a speaker cable trade-in must be for a Norse 2 speaker cable and so on.

-You will need to step up at least one level, eg. Blue Heaven (or Shiva AC) to Heimdall 2, original Heimdall or (or Vishnu AC) to Frey 2, etc.

-You can change the cable lengths, however if you are going from a longer cable to a shorter cable, your exchange cable value will be calculated at the length of the cable you are purchasing, even if the exchange cable is actually longer. Example: if exchanging a 3m Heimdall against a 1m Frey 2, the Heimdall will be valued at the original retail price for a 1m Heimdall cable.

-Your trade-in cable must be in original factory condition with a serial number, or with a copy of the original purchase receipt. No damaged cables or modifications of any type can be accepted.

-Exchange cables which were originally dealer demos will only have a 40% trade in value.

How to Participate:
To take advantage of this subsidized exchange program contact us with the details of your exchange cable(s) including the serial numbers, and let us know what Norse 2 cable you would like to purchase. Or you can order online: just put the serial number and other details of the exchange cable(s) in the comments box on the order document for the cable(s) you are purchasing.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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Nordost Trade-in Special: 75% Value Exchanges Towards Norse 2 Cables

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