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Shunyata and Synergistic News at CES + PS Audio Specials

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Customer email newsletter dated: March 1, 2013.

Shunyata and Synergistic News
at CES + PS Audio Specials
March 1, 2013
First we should mention that if you are attending the Axpona Show in Chicago where we will be exhibiting beginning 8 March, please stop by and say "hi."

As we pointed out in our January review of 2012 product releases, last year was a banner year for new audio developments. Frankly the CES show this year was not as exciting with respect to new product releases, which is not really surprising given how much happened in high end audio in 2012. Most of the cutting edge manufacturers are working hard now on integrating last year's new developments into their product mix.

Two of the best examples of this are Shunyata Research and Synergistic Research.

2013 CES News from Shunyata Research:
Save 20% on Shunyata Research Hydra-Alpha series Line Conditioners 
Save 30% on Shunyata Research Speaker Cable Demos.
2013 CES News from Synergistic Research:
PS Audio March Specials: 25% off AC cables with trade
PS Audio March PowerPlant Specials: save up to $1500 with trade
PS Audio March AC Accessory Specials: save up to $250 on Noise Harvester and Power Port packages

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2013 CES News from Shunyata Research:
2012 was highlighted by the establishment of the topline Talos and Triton line filters at the top of the line conditioning ladder for Shunyata Research, and the release of their Zitron technology, which has now found itself into a full range of power cords, interconnects, and speaker cables. At the entry level end of the spectrum the Venom AC cables set a new standard for what you can expect from AC cables in the $100 price range.

CES '13 saw Shunyata Research expanding on each of these three 2012 successes:

Shunyata Line Conditioning: Look for two new products this year. Tentatively known as the "Hydra A/V," this new $3k line conditioner, only 4" deep with 8 top mounted AC receptacles, is designed to give nearly Triton level performance. The top-mounting of the outlets has been an often-requested feature.

For the less well-heeled, for well under $1000 Shunyata will be launching a new "Venom Strip," which will be a well-grounded 8 outlet extension strip, offered with a separate $195 "Venom Defender," which is a modular surge and noise suppressor for those who want it.
Save 20% on Shunyata Research Hydra-Alpha series Line Conditioners
Because of the high expectations for the popularity of the new Venom Strip, we are now offering special pricing on the current Hydra-Alpha series of line conditioners.

Shunyata Cables: the Zitron technology is working its way into Shunyata AC cables well under $1000. Soon to be released is the Zitron Viper, which comes in at $595, and should raise the performance bar at this very competitive price.

Save 30% on Shunyata Research Speaker Cable Demos.
Shunyata also showed us the new modular spade/banana connectors for their speaker cables. Not the first to develop this sort of modular connector, this may well be the best one we have seen. We decided to rotate our existing stock of demo speaker cables in the Library in order to bring in those with the new connectors. Take a look at the demo cable special here.

Shunyata Venom Series: We mentioned above both the Venom AC cables, a hit in 2012, and also the Venom Strip, which we expect to see soon this year. Shunyata is expanding the Venom range beyond AC products into what should be a highly-evolved entry level range of products to include not only the AC cables, and line filter, but also USB and HDMI, and hopefully interconnects and speaker cables.
2013 CES News from Synergistic Research:

2012 saw the release of products ranging from the innovative Tranquility Bases, which address both resonance control, and also electrically condition the electronics which sit on the bases, to the new Element Series AC cables, to a whole range of Computer Audio-related cables (USB, Ethernet, Firewire, Thunderbolt, etc.) to the new Active Shielding control station called Transporter.

For 2013 look for further line expansion in these categories:

Synergistic Line Conditioning: Look for a new 6 outlet "Powercell 6" to split the difference between the 4 outlet Powercell 4 ($1250) and the top-line 10 outlet Powercell 10 SE Mk III ($5500). As with the Powercell 4, which is available with an upgrade Element Tungsten AC cable in an "SE" package at a special price, the standard Powercell 6 will sell for $1995, and an SE version with the Element Tungsten included for $2595, representing a $300 package savings.

Synergistic Cables: We expect to see a new statement all-silver power cable in the top-line Galileo model line ($5600) coming in above the top Element cable, the Copper/ Tungsten/Silver ($2800). Like the Element model, the new Galileo cable will come in two flavors: one for analog applications and the other for digital applications.

Synergistic Core Series: A new affordable line of cables called Core is just beginning to ship. This uses the technology that SR is using in all of their designs, distilled to the core component parts. There are Active Shielding versions, and standard, non Active versions of each interconnect and speaker cables, while the Core AC cable is a non-Active design.

The 2012 Active Shielding upgrade Transporter power supply will also be available in an Ultra version with a metal, rather than acrylic chassis, and some refinements to the grounding. Standard Acrylic Transporter costs $1995. Add $300 for the Ultra version. Both are available with the same sort of packaged Element Tungsten AC cable we mentioned above in an "SE" package at a special price.

PS Audio March Specials: 25% off AC cables with trade
The PS Audio AC cables have been on back order for a while. To celebrate their coming back into stock in March, you can trade ANY make or model of AC cable and get a 25% discount on AC3, AC5, AC10, or AC12.
PS Audio March PowerPlant Specials: save up to $1500 with trade
Need a line filter? In March you can trade ANY make or model of power conditioner and get $1000 off on a P5 Powerplant AC regenerator or $1500 off on the top-line P10!
PS Audio March AC Accessory Specials: save up to $250 on Noise Harvester and Power Port packages
-5 packs of Noise Harvesters for $399.
($99.95 each; save $100 on 5.)

-5 packs of Power Port Classics for $199.
($49.95 each; save $50 on 5.)

-Combo packs of 5 Noise Harvesters + 5 Power Port Classics for $499. Save $250 in all! (To order at the combo special,just order a 5 pack of each using the above links. We will apply the special pricing and confirm by email.)

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