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News and Specials from Synergistic Research

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Customer email newsletter dated: October 15, 2012.

News and Specials from
Synergistic Research
October 15, 2012
Synergistic Research is one of the most innovative of high end cable manufacturers, having extended their reach and adapted their technologies into a broad range of related high performance audio products. This mailing is an update on their latest developments.
New Element Series AC cables and Special Demo Cable Offer on Tesla Series - save 1/3!
Synergistic Research's New Enigma Active Shielding Power Supply
Synergistic Research's New Transporter Active Shielding Power Supply
Synergistic Research's New Phono Cables

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New Element Series AC cables and Special Demo Cable Offer on Tesla Series - save 1/3!
The latest news from Synergistic Research ("SR") first: at this weekend's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (aka RMAF) in Denver the company will debut their long anticipated "Element Series" AC cables. Last year the company released the new and much upgraded Element Series interconnects and speaker cables, and we knew it was just a matter of time before the AC cables received the Element-makeover. It took longer than we may have expected, in no small part due to the high standard already set by the Tesla SE series AC cables, which incorporate both Active Shielding (of course!), and which also were SR's first power cables to incorporate the Enigma Tuning Modules, which interact with the Active Shielding to add air (Silver Modules) or warmth (Black Modules) to the overall sonic presentation. While most people prefer the middle Gray Module, the ability to fine-tune the sound using these modules can also prove very useful.

The new Element Series power cables continue to make use of the Tuning Modules, but take advantage of the materials research which lead to the Element Series interconnects and speaker cables. We have a lot of experience with the Element series interconnects and speaker cables, and based on this experience, as well as insider comments from SR staff, we have very high expectations for the Element Series AC cables.

We should have our first samples by the time you are reading this, which we are anxious to try out, and which will also be the first samples available for in-home audition through our Cable Library. As with other Element Series evaluations through the Library, try an Element cable in your system and get a free Synergistic Research Quantum Fuse! The models line up almost exactly with the previous Tesla SE cables:

Tesla T2 SE ($650/5ft) is replaced by Element Copper at the same price for use with components that have moderate current demands.

Tesla T3 SE ($900/5ft) is replaced by Element Tungsten at the same price for use with components that have higher current demands.

Tesla Precision SE ($1800/5ft) is replaced by Element Copper/Tungsten at the same price for use with components that have the highest current demands such as line filters and high powered amplifiers.

The Tesla Hologram A (for analog, $2600) and Tesla Hologram D (for Digital, $2800) are replaced by A and D versions of the Element Copper/Tungsten/Silver Cords each for +$200 compared to the Tesla SE models.

SPECIAL OFFER: Our entire inventory of burned in, perfect condition Tesla SE series AC cable Library Demo cables is on special offer at 1/3 off.

Synergistic Research's New Enigma Active Shielding Power Supply
Now in its 2nd generation, the super-exotic, limited production "Enigma" Active Shielding Power Supply has been reborn. With both solid state and vacuum tube driver circuits the Enigma allows the user to explore the limits of what Active Shielding for cables and for SR's Cell Technology (ie. Powercell line filters, Universal Cells, Tranquility Bases) can offer.

With a chassis hand-crafted from 1/4 inch aluminum, Enigma provides connectivity for up to 12 Power Cords and 20 Analog Cables/Tranquility Bases/Powercells. Four large transformers feed the NOS tubes.

Visually a work of industrial art, Enigma is built by hand in the United States by Synergistic Research. The craftsmanship is first rate.

At the $10,000 price ($12,500 for 230v) obviously the Enigma is not for everyone. But for our customers with a complete Synergistic Research system operating at the Element or Galileo Series level who want to take their systems to the limit, the Enigma gets our highest recommendation.
Synergistic Research's New Transporter Active Shielding Power Supply
A lower cost, all solid state, "work horse" alternative to the exotic Enigma is the new "Transporter" Active Shielding Power Supply. This $1995 device represents both a substantial performance upgrade from the standard MPC (mini power coupler) that comes with the SR active cables, and also a convenient "hub" replacing what in some cases are quite a few of the MPC wall warts.

Like the Enigma, different circuits are provided: one optimized for AC cables (14 outputs) and Powercells, and the other (20 outputs) for other cable types as well as for Tranquility Bases and Galileo Universal Cells.

Nine standard 1.25m Interface Cables, and a Precision Basik AC cable to the wall are included with the Transporter, and of course an SR Quantum Fuse provides protection. Additional Interface Cables and 1.25m extension cables cost only $15 each.

If you have invested in Synergistic Research cables for your system, you owe it to yourself to explore what upgrading the Active Shielding can do for you. Available for in-home audition through The Cable Library!

Synergistic Research's New Phono Cables
Synergistic Research has recently released their new Element Reference Phono Cables in both RCA ($2995) and XLR ($3995) configurations.

These are state-of-the-art assaults on tonearm cables for those that want the very best possible performance from their analog systems regardless of cost. Using the finest materials, treatments, and design, these new ultra reference level cables are now available in our Cable Lending Library for home audition.

At the same time, Synergistic Research has also completely redesigned their hugely popular (with audio reviewers as well as consumers) Tricon Analog phono cables to the new Tricon Analogue 20th Anniversary Phono Cables ($900) The new cables feature upgraded connectors, silver matrix ground leads and 3rd generation "Quantum Tunneling" treatment.

To view these offers and more, take a look at the complete list of special offers on our SPECIALS PAGE.

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