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The Focus is on ANALOG

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Customer email newsletter dated: September 15, 2012.

The Focus is on ANALOG
September 15, 2012
Most of us at The Cable Company are into analog systems in our home setups, so writing about what is new and different in the analog world is right up our alley!
The New VPI Traveler Turntable
Harmonic Resolution Systems Analog Disk
Soundsmith's EZ-Mount Screws
Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner: Back in stock and very hot!
NEW Symposium Segue Isolation platforms for Turntables

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The New VPI Traveler Turntable
VPI is one of the premier US manufacturers of precision turntables and has made outstanding, award-winning analog products for the past 35 years. In a tribute to the memory of the late Sheila Weisfield, VPI has introduced the new Traveler Turntable.

The Traveler turntable includes a first for VPI - a gimbaled tonearm with precision sapphire bearings. The Traveler features belt drive, a damped aluminum platter, aluminum and acrylic chassis, and tip toe feet as standard equipment. Available in several colors (red, black, blue, and silver), the Traveler is anything but entry level, and is destined to be another classic product for VPI. At $1299 complete, the Traveler is THE table for those that are new to the analog world, or those that are looking to get their children or friends into the joys of vinyl. A portion of the proceeds from every Traveler sold will be donated to the Girl Scouts of America and to pancreatic cancer research. Well done!

Harmonic Resolution Systems Analog Disk
Harmonic Resolution Systems has long been known for their outstanding platforms and rack systems which have been used in some of the finest systems. Through our Ultra Systems affiliation, we have been pleased to handle the HRS product line since the very beginning of the company. HRS has recently announced that their ADL LP tuning weight has been made even better than before, and is now available in both silver and black finishes.

The ADL improves the sound quality of a turntable by coupling the record to turntable platter, thereby reducing the vibration of the LP because its mass is now joined to the mass of the platter itself. This disk is precision machined with a polymer base that slips over the spindle securely and easily, and is just as easy to slip off when the LP is finished. The ADL will allow your cartridge to retrieve all of the music that is in the grooves with none of the smear caused by the vibration of the vinyl itself. At $199.95, it is one of the most effective additions you can make to your turntable system.
Soundsmith's EZ-Mount Screws
Soundsmith, another US-based analog company, has produced their EZ-Mount cartridge screws, which make mounting a cartridge much easier as these screws require only finger-tightening. In the packet, you get 4 different screws made from 4 different materials, so you can adjust the weight of the cartridge/ headshell without using any additional weights for lighter weight or heavier cartridges. At $40, this is a no-brainer for any analog user and makes cartridge installation a whole lot easier and less of a hassle.

Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner: Back in stock and very hot!
One of our favorite products is quick becoming top of every analog-lover's "wish list." The Vinyl Cleaner is back in stock and everyone is talking about it. Since Michael Fremer's review in the June 2012 Stereophile and the follow up in the Analogue Planet online magazine as well as the ToneAudio review by Lawrence Devoe, it has been almost impossible to keep the cleaners in stock. These and other reviews can be accessed using this link.

It really IS the best cleaner, and it really IS the easiest to use.

If you are into vinyl, you should want one - in fact, you NEED one to get the very best that your LP's have to offer. Highest recommendation!

$3895 less Frequent Flyer Incentives.

You can also view a YouTube demonstration of the Vinyl Cleaner on the AVShowrooms website (go to the bottom of the 4 videos on the linked page, and the Vinyl Cleaner demo starts about 2:10 minutes in, following a look at the same manufacturer's CD Disc cutter).
NEW Symposium Segue Isolation platforms for Turntables
The "Segue" (pronounced "seg-way") series of platforms from Symposium are "entry level" (in cost, starting at $199) platforms based upon classic Symposium stepped-density constrained layer technology first employed in their popular Super Plus and Ultra Platforms, and mark a return to an affordable, highly effective "basic" platform.

The Symposium Segue ISO is a Segue platform with a new type of Symposium isolation footer system comprised of high precision stainless steel concentric spring systems which are internally damped with aircell foam. The ISO system is a five-footer system currently available for two general weight ranges, "Light Duty" for up to about 35 pounds or 20 kG, and "Medium Duty" for up to about 75 pounds or 34 kG. The standard (19x14) LD Segue ISO retails at $349; the MD (medium duty) version retails at $399.

Besides their excellent timbral neutrality, and used "as is" without any additional footer devices, the ISO versions provide effective protection from low bass feedback and even footfall problems, and are ideal for suspensionless turntables. When used in conjunction with Symposium Rollerblock systems as ancillary footers, the Segue ISO system offers an ideal 3-dimensional isolation system at the lowest octave of frequencies with concomitant damping and neutrality through the upper 9 octaves of the musical range. The Rollerblocks provide the lateral isolation while the ISO footers provide the vertical. The ISO platforms add dimensionality, improved dynamics and overall musicality with lowered distortion when properly used with all components, but were especially designed with analog turntables in mind.

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