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September Specials!

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Customer email newsletter dated: September 5, 2012.

September Specials!
September 5, 2012
A nice group of new and updated special offers good through September 30, 2012!
Save $200 off each of Shunyata's VTX series AC cables.
Free 20A Hydra HC Power Cable with purchase of Hydra-Alpha series Line Conditioners; save $600!
Additional special offer on the Hydra Talos; save a cool $800!
$200 off on B-Stock Special 1m DH Labs Revelation RCA interconnects.
$10 Off Sale on HiFi-Tuning Fuses continues
Special $325/4 with FREE Domestic Freight on Cathedral Sound Acoustic Panel "RoomPak."

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Save $200 off each of Shunyata's VTX series AC cables.
Affordable excellence just became a screaming bargain with this $200 limited time reduction in the prices for Shunyata's VTX and Hydra HC powercords.

The Sidewinder VTX is an excellent power cord for source components, powered subwoofers, electrostatic speakers, AV processors, integrated amplifiers, and preamplifiers. At the $495/6 foot regular price, the power cord represents a very good value; buy now for only $295!

The Hydra HC (for High Current) power cord was originally developed especially for use with Shunyata's own Hydra AC line conditioners, but also serves as a fantastic AC cable for high current amplifiers. Was $595/6ft; now $395!

If your system is ready for a power cord upgrade, you can't go wrong with this combination of Sidewinder VTX for the lower current devices and Hydra HC for your big amps/ AC distribution. Recommended!

Free 20A Hydra HC Power Cable with purchase of Hydra-Alpha series Line Conditioners; save $600!
A special combo package featuring the Shunyata Research Hydra-a (for Alpha) power conditioners. Except for the Triton and Talos, these are Shunyata's highest performance filters, incorporating many of the innovations which appear in the top models including the new Multi-Phase-Differential-Array filter network, the ZPP-DS Buss system, SR-Z1 outlets and VTX (Virtual Tube Wire) internal wiring.

Now the addition of the free high current, high performance Hydra HC powercord to the wall makes this compelling offer difficult to pass by.

Hydra a-2 with Hydra HC power cord regularly $1595, now $995
Hydra a-4 with Hydra HC power cord regularly $2350, now $1750
Hydra a-6 with Hydra HC power cord regularly $2600, now $1995

To purchase at the special offer visit our Specials Page.
Additional special offer on the Hydra Talos; save a cool $800!
You can also move up to Shunyata's topline Hydra series. Take advantage of the Hydra HC free powercord special with purchase of the Talos. The Talos is a 6 outlet line conditioner that incorporates all of the features of the Hydra-a 6, and then adds in Shunyata's Noise Isolation Chamber technology.

Shunyata also offers special SSF upgrade spikes for the Talos for an extra $200, included here for free along with the Hydra HC. All together a $3800 combination priced at $2995!

Just mention special offer X912SSF when you order.

$200 off on B-Stock Special 1m DH Labs Revelation RCA interconnects.
A production glitch on a spool of DH Labs Revelation interconnect wire leads to one of the most attractive offers ever on a pure silver conductor interconnect. In this case the 6 silver conductors are woven in a helical array for signal transmission and noise cancellation reasons. These pure silver conductors are insulated in an air-spaced, tape-wrapped dielectric and covered with a cloth jacket.

At the $599 normal retail price for the 1m interconnect pairs we consider this model to represent excellent value and performance which approaches state-of-the-art designs. For $349 it's a steal! Your choice of RCA or XLR in plain packaging - factory fresh from DH Labs.

$10 Off Sale on HiFi-Tuning Fuses continues
One more month to go for this special offer from the industry leader in upgrade fuses.

Many consider the HiFi-Tuning Fuses the best of the best, and these fuses certainly incorporate the very best materials, especially in the top "Supreme" model where a special 99% silver, 1% gold alloy runs from the end caps right through the melt wire. Plenty of other resonance and material treatment technologies, starting with deep immersion cryo treatment, are incorporated in these Stereophile Recommended Components, and importantly HiFi-Tuning is the only fuse manufacturer who has been able to develop a pure silver melt wire, or as mentioned above in the case of the Supreme fuses, their special silver/gold melt wire. (You don't want to know what the melt wire material is in standard fuses! Nothing that belongs in audio gear, which is why the fuse is considered one of the weakest links in the audio chain.)

The $10 off special applies to the Supreme fuses, and also to their "next best" all-silver, tip-to-tip SilverStar model, as well as to the award-winning Original HiFi-Tuning fuses with the silver melt wire and gold-plate-over-silver end caps.

Summer Special: retail price rollback of $10 on all Hifi-Tuning fuses!

Good through Sept. 30 2012:

Retail prices:
Large $89.95, NOW $79.95
Small $59.95, NOW $49.95

Large $59.95, NOW $49.95
Small $39.95, NOW $29.95

Original Gold:
Large $49.95, NOW $39.95
Small $39.95, NOW $29.95

Small fuses are 5 x20mm (.75").
Large fuses are 6.3x 32mm (1.25").
Special $325/4 with FREE Domestic Freight on Cathedral Sound Acoustic Panel "RoomPak."
Special offer on our favorite Cathedral Sound Acoustic Panels. As acknowledged in their Stereophile write-up, these panels are uniquely effective on deep bass standing waves, and quite remarkable in their broadband impact, especially in light of their small size: 11" x 16" x 2" (28 x 41 x 5 cm).

The Panels are most effective if used symmetrically in the room. By this we mean either one in every corner, or two in every corner.

To make it easy we are offering sets of 4 off-white or black 'Panels in a "RoomPak" at a special price of $325/4 including free surface freight in the continental USA!

In smallish rooms, or for low volume systems, or systems with restricted bass response, a Panel in each corner will do it. For larger rooms, and especially for systems played at high volume with big bass, two in each corner is the ticket.

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