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Fuse News and Summer Against Hunger for CARE

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Customer email newsletter dated: August 1, 2012.

Fuse News & ...
Summer Against Hunger for CARE
August 1, 2012
$10 Off Sale on HiFi-Tuning Fuses

Audio Magic Nano-Liquid fuses.
Upgrade ANY Fuse - even standard fuses - with WA-Quantum Fuse Chips for under $10.
17th Annual Summer Against Hunger Supporting CARE

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$10 Off Sale on HiFi-Tuning Fuses
A limited time special offer from the industry leader in upgrade fuses.

Many consider the HiFi-Tuning Fuses the best of the best, and these fuses certainly incorporate the very best materials, especially in the top "Supreme" model where a special 99% silver, 1% gold alloy runs from the end caps right through the melt wire. Plenty of other resonance and material treatment technologies, starting with deep immersion cryo treatment, are incorporated in these Stereophile Recommended Components, and importantly HiFi-Tuning is the only fuse manufacturer who has been able to develop a pure silver melt wire, or as mentioned above in the case of the Supreme fuses, their special silver/gold melt wire. (You don't want to know what the melt wire material is in standard fuses! Nothing that belongs in audio gear, which is why the fuse is considered one of the weakest links in the audio chain.)

The $10 off special applies to the Supreme fuses, and also to their "next best" all-silver, tip-to-tip SilverStar model, as well as to the award-winning Original HiFi-Tuning fuses with the silver melt wire and gold-plate-over-silver end caps.

Summer Special: retail price rollback of $10 on all Hifi-Tuning fuses!

Beginning August 1 through Sept. 30 2012:

Retail prices:
Large $89.95, NOW $79.95
Small $59.95, NOW $49.95

Large $59.95, NOW $49.95
Small $39.95, NOW $29.95

Original Gold:
Large $49.95, NOW $39.95
Small $39.95, NOW $29.95

Small fuses are 5 x20mm (.75").
Large fuses are 6.3x 32mm (1.25").

Audio Magic Nano-Liquid fuses.
Yet another approach to wring the best performance out of what used to be considered the lowly component fuse comes from Audio Magic.

Audio Magic, who began incorporating a conductive liquid polymer into their topline
"Liquid Air" cables a couple of years ago, also discovered a sonic benefit from filling the air space inside of a fuse with a liquid polymer in order to damp resonance on the melt wire. (HiFi-Tuning also uses a different method of resonance control on the melt wire in their Supreme fuses for the same reason.)

Audio Magic uses a glass envelope fuse, rather than ceramic, so that when they drill a pin hole to fill 'er up, they don't nick the melt wire. Audio Magic also runs their fuses through their "Nano Stream" materials' treatment for additional performance enhancement.

$60 each for both sizes, and fast or slow blow fuses.

Upgrade ANY Fuse - even standard fuses - with WA-Quantum Fuse Chips for under $10.

Q: What is the least expensive way to upgrade your fuses?

A: The WA-Quantum Fuse Chips! These have an adhesive backing and you just stick them anywhere on a fuse end cap.

Read these excerpts from a longer email received from one audiophile (he is in the industry) when he tried these upgrades costing $7.50 for the small fuse size and $9 for the large size:
"Given the fact that I got off a few exits before Quantum Theory in College, I'll try to gather my mostly analog thoughts and produce an opinion that appears to be somewhat rational.

The Fuse Chips:
... I was very skeptical of placing a little dot on the end of a standard 5mm fuse...
The energy transformation was stunning. Stronger, more focused dynamics. Smoother sound overall. And the very difficult to get right lower mid moved forward with better definition and detail. Is this the bargain of the century in the HiFi world? Could be.

...I am very familiar with HiFi-Tuning Fuses. They rate right up there near the top of my list of stuff that surely-can't-make-that-big-a-difference -- but does.

...yes, I did try it on the HiFi-Tuning fuse and, yes, the result was similar. "

For less than $10 you can upgrade your weakest link - the standard fuse. Or, for even better results, use the chips to upgrade your upgraded fuse.


So, in summary, here are four different audiophile approaches to address the lowly fuse. We can assure you that all of these approaches will seriously upgrade the commercial fuse that comes standard in most components, from entry level up to the most exalted. Best bang for the buck in high end audio!
17th Annual Summer Against Hunger Supporting CARE
Speaking of bang for the buck, all four of the above manufacturers are Sponsors for our 17th Annual Summer Against Hunger benefiting CARE. What this means is if you spend $7.50 to $79.95 on ANY of these fuse upgrades, an equal amount will go to CARE!

I know it sounds bizarre, how can ALL of the money, not just a percentage, go to CARE? It all relates to matching grants. Dollar for dollar for CARE: that is the guarantee.

This Cable Company program has generated over $3 million for CARE projects over the last 16 Augusts.

Take a look at our ad appearing in the August print and on-line audio publications for all of the details, and to view the other sponsoring brands.

Interested in something not being sponsored? All products, even used products, purchased by our customers in August, will generate at least a 50% donation to CARE. But do give our sponsors an extra look, they are our partners in this fundraiser and worthy of your special consideration.

August is the best month of the year to feed your soul better music, and feed the hungry at the same time!

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