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Customer email newsletter dated: June 15, 2012.

New in the Cable Library
June 15, 2012
It has been a while since we published an update on new cable arrivals in the Cable Library. The below calls out both new brands in the Library, following a report on new products from some of our established cable vendors. Read on and try before you buy!

The Audioquest DragonFly has landed!
JPS Labs New "Affordable Reference" Speaker Cable
New Models in Shunyata's Venom Series  

VooDoo Cable
Jena Labs
Snake River Audio

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The Audioquest DragonFly has landed!
The Audioquest DragonFly has landed on our shelves.

The Audioquest DragonFly ($249) is a flash drive-sized asynchronous 24-Bit/96kHz Digital-Audio Converter (aka, "DAC") that connects to a USB jack on a Mac® or Windows® PC, bypassing the computer's internal sound card. This allows any computer to deliver sound quality that's vastly superior to what would be heard from the computer by itself.

The DragonFly, using its 64-position analog volume control, can drive headphones and In Ear Monitors, as well as powered speakers or a power amplifier. In "fixed" output mode, DragonFly behaves like a traditional DAC. DragonFly employs a sophisticated "asynchronous" USB audio data transfer protocol that dramatically reduces digital timing errors. A smart LED indicator shows the resolution of the incoming signal. DragonFly accepts audio and music files from MP3s all the way up to native high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz.

A 24/96 asynchronous D/A Converter, a Headphone Amplifier, as well as a Line Level output, all the size of a USB Flash Drive - amazing! It may not be a Berkeley Alpha DAC (sold by our Ultra Systems affiliate) , but at $249 the DragonFly shatters the previous price/performance paradigm. Now in stock for quick delivery.

JPS Labs New "Affordable Reference" Speaker Cable
JPS Labs is a progressive and forward thinking company. They take a "whole system" approach to delivering signal to the listener's ears, providing original and well-conceived products, from in-wall AC cabling, to some of the best interconnects and speaker cables available.

JPS has just released a new high value "reference" speaker cable, the Superconductor V ($1899/8ft). What strikes you first about the sound of this cable is it's midrange transparency and liquidity. The new Superconductor V was designed to replace their longest running model, the Superconductor+, with dramatic improvements in flexibility, resolution, and appearance.

The Super' V matches up very well in every respect with JPS's Superconductor 3 interconnect, ($1199/1m). At about half the price of JPS's Superconductor 3 speaker cable, ($3399/8ft), this cable offers a substantial chunk of its performance.

Well done!

Available now for home audition through our Cable Library.
New Models in Shunyata's Venom Series  
Shunyata Research is expanding their value-oriented AC cable line called "Venom." The mainstay in this category is the 12 gauge Venom 3 (see important pricing note below), an overachiever in the sub-$200 category, which has been joined by a lower priced, lower power model called Venom 3s at only $75!

Over time a heavier gauge high current Venom for big amps will join the mix, and hopefully also a Venom outlet strip, so that for modest outlay true high end AC products can be used to complete an appropriate music and/or video system.

Pricing Note: The Venom 3, now $125 for the standard 6ft length, will increase to $150 on July 1, so beat the price increase this month!  

VooDoo Cable
VooDoo Audio is one of the fastest growing cable companies in all of audio. With their achievement of a 2012 Editor's Choice award from the absolute sound,
for the Ultra Wave and Vector Dragon, VooDoo has joined the ranks of the more established cable manufacturers that have been recipients of this award. Voodoo now offers 12 models of power cords and is one of a few manufacturers that offers a wide variety of power cord terminations from 20A iec or Powercon iec to Schuko and British wall plugs and also offers a 15A right angle iec for those close to the wall applications, or the C7 (figure 8) connector for use with many DVD players, satellite boxes, etc.

Voodoo is now making an impact on the interconnect and speaker cable portion of the audio business with the release of 6 upgraded models of matching interconnects and speaker cables ranging from their entry level Essence cables to their top performing Stradivarius Cremona cables. The Stradivarius Cremona was named a"2011 Product of the Year" in the the important Asian publication, Hi-Fi Review, in Hong Kong, and are now available for audition in our ever expanding Lending Library. We highly recommend in home audition of these excellent performing cables.

Interest has also been growing quickly for the new VooDoo Audio Powermatic 8. As the manufacturer said in their initial press release-

"The Powermatic 8 is the quintessential 'Anti-Power Conditioner' with no active or passive filtration, no current regulating PC boards, and no rectifiers or switching relays to limit or interfere with the optimal flow of AC to your components. The Powermatic 8 offers an improvement in sonic performance that is equivalent to plugging eight of our finest Cryo-AlloyTM power cords into your system."

It is easy to focus on what the Powermatic is not, but is more interesting to consider what it does, which, as far as we know, is based on unique technologies. As with their power cords, there is sharp focus on the concept of "ampacity". Using a unique minimalist design, VooDoo has engineered their power products to store and deliver on demand, far more current than would be available at the wall socket or in a stock power cord. This is measured as ampacity, and satisfies the dynamic current requirements of high end component power supplies, allowing for massive amount of line ampacity for transient peaks and effortless continuous operation, especially for high current amplifiers.

This is why the claim is made that that using a Powermatic 8 will allow similar performance for your existing power cords as you will see in the upper range of VooDoo's best cables. The technology is very similar, and beyond the benefits of ampacity, the noise inherent in A/C mains is quieted through material selection and material treatment. As with the Stradivarius cables mentioned above, the Powermatic 8 is available through our Lending Library and recommended for audition.

In addition, Voodoo also has 4 models of subwoofer interconnects and a complete array of digital and video cables.

Over the past few years, we have often recommended VooDoo products for our customers that need power cord adapters for temporary or permanent use with great success. Their wide range of adapters hypertextuse the same high quality materials, hand assembly, and cryo treatment as their cables.

All of the VooDoo products are treated with their "cold-fusion", deep immersion cryogenic process which is said to structurally align and fuse the molecular structure of the conductive metals for optimal sonic performance.

Check 'em out of the Cable Library!
Jena Labs
After years of monitoring positive consumer feedback both online, and from our own customers, we are pleased to announce the addition of the full line of Jena Labs cables to our Lending Library.

Jena Labs development team has extensive experience in physics, metallurgy, mechanical and materials engineering. Experience that includes development of military RF communications systems, advanced weapons systems, as well as many aspects of the space programs communications systems. The engineering team at Jena Labs are literally rocket scientists! And these are scientists with strong opinions on many audio topics. Take a look at the Jena website for more.

Jena Labs offers a full line of high technology, high performance cables created using sophisticated braiding techniques. Each "ULTRA-WIRE" strand is ultra high purity, linear crystal, stress-free, super annealed, micro-polished, ultra fine stranded copper. It is jacketed in a modified PE dielectric which offers dissipation and dielectric constant figures similar to Teflon™, but without TFE or PTFE mechanical stiffness and resonance problems and without the toxic component fluorine as a component of the dielectric. Going up the line the number of Ultra-Wire strands increases and the geometry becomes more complex. This results in a very linear increase in performance as one progresses up the Jena product line, and a consistent "family sound" throughout. With Interconnects starting at $180/pr going up to $11,000, and speaker cables from $400/pr going up to $17,800/pr Jena Labs has a truly high performance cable for nearly every budget.

All Jena Labs cables also receive their "True Deep Immersion" cryogenic treatment. Benefits of the True deep Immersion Cryogenic Treatment: When conducting an electric signal, treated wire and formed metallic parts will produce less micro-diode-effect noise, less impurity-inclusion field disturbance, and less "slow-field" transverse energy generation. The result is a cable or electrical device that is quieter in noise floor and more revealing of subtle musical nuances.

Jena Labs is now available for home audition through the Cable Company Lending Library.

LessLoss Audio is a company that has been on the US scene for several years, but is actually based in Lithuania. Their reputation has been built on their power cord technology where their unique DFPC (Dynamic Filtration Power Cord) tackles the issue of skin effect with respect to AC power.

Lead designer, Louis Motek, created the DFPC technology which is used in the cords to eliminate, or at least minimize, the effect of poor quality AC. His goal with the power cords was to allow the people who use his cords to have the same high quality performance one can often get in the middle of the night to occur whenever the system is being played.

There is an 8 minute video of the skin effect condition and how LessLoss power cords function on their website which should be of interest, even those that are not particularly technically minded.

The Cable Company is very pleased to have the LessLoss DFPC Original power cord ($595) and the DFPC Signature power cords ($1149) now available in our lending library so our customers can compare and contrast these power cords with other top-rated cords to hear for themselves how successful the DFPC cords are in accomplishing their goals.

In addition to the power cords, we also have their Blackbody ($1323) ambient field conditioner in our Library for our customers to test at home. This unique device enhances audio playback quality by modifying the interaction of your gear's circuitry with the ambient electromagnetic field. The Blackbody eliminates sonic smearing of high frequencies and lowers the noise floor, thus clarifying the stereo image. Contact us to talk about applications and placement optimization, and of course to borrow a sample to try in your system.

Pranawire has been the recipient of many Best Sound of Show accolades, including in our own recent CES show report. Hand-crafted ribbon conductor cables constructed with hand laid silver and copper ribbons, proprietary multiple layered natural insulating materials, and fanatical attention to advanced shielding technologies and advanced anti-resonance materials. For more on Pranawire visit their website.

When they are "right" in a system Pranawires provide an open window to the musical experience: ultimate transparency combined with ultimate musicality. The ultimate musical experience does not come easily. Because they hand-build each Pranawire cable, these can take as long as several months to complete. There is no rushing perfection.

Pranawire builds what many feel are the ultimate high performance ribbon cables. Including 3 Digital Interconnects, 4 Audio Interconnects, 5 Power Cables, and 4 Speaker Cables. For those with true reference caliber audio systems you owe yourself the revelatory experience of auditioning Pranawire Cables in your own system. Now available through The Cable Company Lending Library.

Snake River Audio
Snake River cables are made with either pure silver, or gold-plated OFC copper conductors and feature connectors from WBT, Neutrik, and Furutech.

The use of gold in audio cable conductors is unusual and in conjunction with copper, one might worry that the cables had a overly warm midrange, or rolled off upper frequencies and "one-note bass". With the Snake River cables nothing could be further from reality. These cables have a very detailed presentation with very good top to bottom balance and great extension at the frequency extremes. Midrange harmonics are present in a very natural sounding and engaging way, so vocals take on a realistic sound quality.

We now have the Snake River Audio interconnects, speaker, and power cables in our library so that our customers will have the opportunity to try these cable in their own system prior to making a purchase. Snake River Audio cable models are named Adder, Cottonmouth, Mumushi, and Jararaca. Though they are not inexpensive cables - the 1M pr of Snake River's least expensive Cottonmouth interconnects has a list price of $1049 - but the Snake River cables have performed well in comparison to other cables at or above above their price.

Another of the unique aspects of Snake River Audio cables is that the company offers a 100% trade up program for the original purchaser of their cables.

Snake River Audio is located in Idaho along the Snake River. Sounds nice, like their cables!

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