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20% off Shunyata Power Products

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Customer email newsletter dated: November 12, 2008.

20% off Shunyata Power Products

                       Shunyata Special Offer

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All Hydra's and Shunyata AC cables (other than the new Diamondback Platinum, which has it's own special offer) are now 20% off!
Hydra V-Ray:
The Hydra V-Ray is Shunyata's best of breed, regularly $4000 on sale for $3200, and includes a free SR-Z1 AC Outlet in case you want to upgrade the wall outlet into which you will be plugging your V-Ray!
 Hydra 8:
The 8 outlet Hydra 8 is the benchmark $2500 line conditioner against which all others must be compared. On sale for $1996.
Hydra 6:
The 6 outlet Hydra 6 uses the same technology as the Hydra 8, but without Shunyata’s special noise-absorbing FeSi-1000 compounds.  Regularly $1300, on sale for $1040.
Hydra 4:
A scaled down 2 duplex outlet version of the Hydra 6, the 4 outlet Hydra 4 is perfect for smaller systems.  Regularly $995, on sale for $796.
Power Cables:
Each of the Hydra's (and everything plugged into it!) will benefit from use of one of the "Alpha" version AC cables with a 20 amp IEC connected. Also your components can each benefit from use of Shunyata's upgrade AC cables:
•"Alpha" versions for amplification devices
•"VX" versions for use with digital sources.

All prices (other than the new Diamondback Platinum, which has it's own special offer) are now 20% off!

Their Ad states: "For a limited time, participating Shunyata Research dealers are offering special pricing on the best performing under $1000 power cord on the market!

The new Diamonback Platinum is an incredible retail value at $249.

When you buy 2 the price automatically goes down to $225 each!

Buy 3 or more and receive them for an unheard of $199 each!!

This is a limited time offer and only available at participating Shunyata Research dealers."

No need to do anything except order through our website or via your favorite consultant via email to take advantage of these special offers! These products are also available through the Cable Library for in-home evaluation.

For additional information on these offers and frequent updates speak with your Cable Company consultant, or visit our websites: and  For hundreds of specials on used and demo cables, visit

For other highlighted products and special offers, take a look at the previous editions of our customer Email Newsletters in our Newletter Archives.

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