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PS Audio HiFi Economic Stimulus Plan

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Customer email newsletter dated: September 1, 2009.

PS Audio HiFi Economic Stimulus Plan
September 1, 2009

In This Issue:

PS Audio has announced their version of the economic stimulus plan. Starting on September 1, there are significant price reductions for some of their most popular products.
PS Audio Power Plant Premier ($2199.99) reduced to $1699.99
More PS Audio's price reductions...
PS Audio's New HDMI cables
PS Audio's new Jewel AC cables

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PS Audio Power Plant Premier ($2199.99) reduced to $1699.99
The PS Audio Power Plant Premier is going on sale from Sept1 until Dec 31 OR until existing quantities on hand are gone. This well reviewed and TAS Product of the Year power generator is considered by many to be a "must have" for those customers that don't have good power for their audio or home theater systems. Capable of delivering 1500 watts of "regenerated" power into 10 receptacles, it provides your connected components with surge and spike protection as well. For convenience, there is even an included remote control.

PS Audio says that they have both the black and silver models in stock and orders will be filled on a first come/first served basis, so if you have always wanted to upgrade your incoming AC power for better sound from your system, now is the time to order. The PS Audio Power Plant Premier now is on sale, while supplies last- save $500.

More PS Audio's price reductions...

PS Audio has reduced prices on several of their most popular power conditioning products to help stimulate sales, so even if you can't go for the special offer on the Premier, now might be a good time to treat yourself or your family members to some great products to protect and enhance their systems .

PS Audio Duet - regularly $249.99 - now $199.99

PS Audio Quintet - regularly $499 - now $349.99

PS Audio PowerPlay IPC-8000- regularly $899 - now $749.99

PS Audio PowerPlay IPC-9000- regularly $1699 - now $1499.99

PS Audio's New HDMI cables
PS Audio has been shipping orders for their PerfectWave DAC and PerfectWave Transport for the past 3-4 weeks and is now almost completely caught up with their back orders. This inventive combination of components uses the I2S protocol for digital data transmission between the pair. Their implementation of the I2S is carried out by using a high quality, ultra wide bandwidth HDMI cable as the interface.

Many of the HDMI cables on the market are not rated to handle this interface, so PS Audio has designed and is manufacturing two versions of their own HDMI cables - the PerfectWave Digital I2S-10 and the PerfectWave Digital I2S-12.

The PerfectWave Digital I2S-10 ($199/1M) is created from pure PCOCC copper conductors that are then coated with a 6% silver plating. The cables are rated at full performance for I2S functions at 2M and for digital video applications at up to 50 feet - well beyond the capabilities of most other HDMI cables.

The PerfectWave Digital I2S-12 ($499/1M) utilizes pure silver conductors for all 19 signal paths and is claimed to be the finest performing HDMI cable of its kind in the world.
PS Audio's new Jewel AC cables
PS Audio has discontinued their popular Punch series of power cords and is replacing them with the Jewel Power Cords. With improved stranding and better shielding, they should offer more performance and be quieter than the Punch. The Jewel's new slim iec should better fit almost all components including video monitors. Available with either a 15A standard iec connector or a non-polarized C7 ( two prong) connector, the Jewel power cords should be available shortly.

Available in the following lengths:
1.0M - $49.99
1.5M - $62.99
2.0M - $74.99
3.0M - $99.99

Most of these products are already available from in-home evaluation through our Library. By the end of September, we should have ALL of the above PS Audio products available in the Library. We are awaiting our demo PerfectWave Dac and Transport and the new Jewel cables. Give your favorite consultant a call and try the Premier, or a Duet, or Quintet today.

For additional information on these offers and frequent updates speak with your Cable Company consultant, or visit our websites: and www.ultrasystem.comFor hundreds of specials on used and demo cables, visit

Or call us Mon.- Fri. 10 -6; Sat. 11-5 Eastern time on 800-328-9973 (or 215-862-4870). Fax: 215-862-4871
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