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Audience Version "e" Upgrade/Wireworld SuperNova 5+ Closeouts/Come see us at RMAF

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Customer email newsletter dated: October 1, 2009.

Audience Version "e" Upgrade/ Wireworld SuperNova 5+ Closeouts/Come see us at RMAF
Audience "e" Upgrade Program

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Audience introduced their "e" version AU24 and PowerChord cables in November of 2007. This was a very significant upgrade to the AU24 ( and PowerChord) cables, although the technology used for the "e" version was kept a mystery to all except the employees at Audience themselves.

According to customers and reviewers that have compared the standard version to the "e" version cables, the "e" version has more transient attack emphasis and is (subjectively, of course) much faster and able to portray more micro dynamic detail than the standard version of the same cable. For more information and reviews on the "e" cables, please visit Audience's website.

Audience has now made the "e" version upgrade of their AU24 and PowerChord cables available to their customers that have already purchased the standard version of these cables. By making arrangements thru the Cable Company, these customers can obtain the "e" upgrade to their existing cables for the following costs, regardless of length:

AU24 RCA Interconnects to Versions "e" interconnects - $195/pr
AU24 XLR Interconnects to Versions "e" interconnects - $225/pr
AU24 speaker cables to "e" Version speaker cables - $300/pr
AU24 Bi-wire speaker cables to "e" Version speaker cables - $450/pr
PowerChord to "e" Version PowerChord - $165

To obtain your upgrade, call your consultant at The Cable Company. We will handle the paperwork and notify Audience of the upgrade(s) required. If you are in the US, you will then receive an RS label thru your email address for shipping the cables to Audience for the upgrade. Your cables will be upgraded to the "e" version, re-labled as "e" version cables, and shipped directly back to your location. What could be easier?

So if you are looking for a higher level of clarity and resolution from your current AU24 cables, this upgrade program may be just what you are looking for!

Wireworld SuperNova 5+ Toslink Closeouts
Wireworld Cable Technology has announced that their premium SuperNova 5+ Toslink cables are being replaced in their product lineup with new version 6 designs. The remaining inventory of the Version 5+ Toslink cables made from 280 polished glass (not plastic) fibers, are being closed out at 50% off msrp while supplies last.

Here are the lengths and prices that are in stock and available at this special price:

2M Wireworld SuperNova 5+ regularly $ 159.95 now $79.98
3M Wireworld SuperNova 5+ regularly $ 189.95 now $94.98
5M Wireworld SuperNova 5+ regularly $ 249.95 now $124.95
8M Wireworld SuperNova 5+ regularly $ 339.95 now $169.98
The Cable Company at Rocky Mountain Audio Festival
This year, once again the Cable Company will be exhibiting at the 6th Annual Rocky Mountain Audio Festival October 2-4 at the Denver Marriot Tech Center. We will be demonstrating the new and unique Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner and CD Lathe as well as the HiFi Tuning Fuses and the Noise Destroyer and Disk Demagnetizer and more! Please stop by the booth and register for prizes and specials while at the show!
For additional information on these offers and frequent updates speak with your Cable Company consultant, or visit our websites: and  For hundreds of specials on used and demo cables, visit

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