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Behind the Scenes Videos and Silver Circle

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Customer email newsletter dated: March 1, 2012.

Behind the Scenes Videos and Silver Circle Audio show special

If you cannot read this email or view all of the images please click here. reports on The Cable Company and Ultra Systems. We were excited to be paid a visit by the website who interviewed our staff and made a video tour of The Cable Company and Ultra Systems for a series of videos on their site.

You might enjoy:

  • touring The Cable Library
  • stopping in on
  • checking out Ultra Systems imported Hifi-Tuning and Audio Desk Systeme products
  • meeting our back office staff.

The only downer was that the tour of the Ultra Systems Golden Ratio Sound Room A, where so many of our product evaluations take place, was lost to a technical glitch. We are hoping for a reshoot here soon. In the meantime, check out The Cable Company on for a virtual tour of our facility in New Hope, PA. is an audiophile website started by former Stereophile and most recently Absolute Sound reviewer, Peter Breuninger. Focusing on video content from factory tours and audio shows, there is plenty of interesting material already on the site with promises of much more to come.

Silver Circle Pure Power One 5.0 Show Samples
Here is an opportunity for you to purchase a Silver Circle Audio Pure Power One model 5.0 used lovingly at CES. These 8 outlet units are in beautiful shape, complete with Vesuvius power cord. Retail for the 5.0 is $5,500. First come, first served at $3995 plus freight for the show units in as-new condition with full warranty.

The 5.0 won a Editor's Choice Award from Harry Pearson at The Absolute Sound last year. The new 5.0se version won an award this year.

The heart of these units is a massive 5 kVa transformer weighing in at over 65 lbs. The primary and secondary of the massive transformer act as huge reservoirs of current instantaneously available when needed for extreme dynamics.

  • 5.0 kVa Proprietary 65+ pound isolation transformer
  • Massive black power coated 12 gauge steel chassis
  • 3/8" thick aluminum front panel
  • Furutech Gold-Plated IEC inlet
  • 10 AWG silver-plated copper power path wiring
  • Proprietary hand-built EMI/RF filter
  • Custom hand-built "soft-start" circuit with 30-amp rated relay
  • 50-amp rated terminal block
  • Comes standard with Vesuvius Power Cord (a $900 retail value)
  • 5.0 - 4 Furutech FT D20A(G) Gold 20-amp receptacles
  • All contacts treated Caig DeoxIT Gold for superior electrical transmission
  • Extensive internal vibration dampening

Note: the 5.0 is also available for in-home audition through the Library.

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