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Customer email newsletter dated: November 1, 2011.

Hot, New Specials
November 1, 2011
HiFi-Tuning's 10th Anniversary Fuse Sale
Save $130 per set on Stillpoints package!
Purist Audio Design: 50% off on "Ultimate" System Enhancer discs - save $75!
A Special $299/4 Cathedral Sound Acoustic Panel "RoomPak."
Special Purchase on Siltech's Affordable MXT Series!
Last chance for Intro Pricing on the NEW Powersnake Series Signal Cables from Shunyata Research
Good news and bad news on PS Audio Prices. Big increases coming in December, but old prices and a super Trade in Program available NOW!

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HiFi-Tuning's 10th Anniversary Fuse Sale
HiFi-Tuning is 10 years old in November and to celebrate we are offering our customers a special November discount of $10 on all large 6.3x 32mm (1.25") fuses, and $5 off on their small 5 x20mm (.75") fuses.

Visit our website to order:

-Original Gold-plated (special $34.95 for small and $39.95 for large)

-All Silver SilverStar (special $34.95 for small and $49.95 for large)

-Supreme 99% Silver + 1% Gold and special materials treatment even beyond the cryogenics common to all types (special $50 for small and $75 for large).

A description is included below for those of you who have not yet experienced 2011's
new Supreme fuses.

You should!

Feedback is terrific with universal praise for a bigger-that-expected performance step-up even over our own SilverStar and Gold-Plated fuses.

Take a look at these reviews from Stereotimes.

"Personally, I would compare their installation to making a major component change. In other words, before you decide to change or upgrade a component, I highly recommend you give the Supreme Fuses an audition. I’m serious."

and Positive Feedback "I honestly know of no other way to spend so little, so effectively."

To apply the special discounts to your order just enter this code: x1111fuse in the comments section, or mention the HiFi-Tuning Anniversary Special to your consultant.


HiFi-Tuning Supreme Fuse Description: The new line of Supreme fuses is handmade in Germany, tip-to-tip, of 99% Silver combine with 1% 24k Gold, similar to the material used in the Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold Capacitors.

Mundorf also developed for HiFi-Tuning a special Silver/Gold solder for use in the Supreme fuses.

HiFi-Tuning's 99% Silver + 1% Gold melt wire, used exclusively in the Supreme fuses, is resonance-optimized to control vibration.

Technical: To understand the advantage of the 99% Silver + 1% Gold combination, think about silver's crystalline structure. The drawing process for silver (or copper) wire causes micro cracks in the surface of the wire. The cooling process also results in imperfect crystal grid structures. Both of these "deformities," relative to the ideal of a perfect conductor, result in surface distortion when current flows through the wire. The Addition of 24K gold fills the micro cracks and the empty spaces between the crystal boundaries to improve transmission properties, while also inhibiting the surface oxidation and tarnishing that will occur over time otherwise.

These custom, precious metal fuses are also cryogenically treated using Europe's only cryosystem from Cryogenics International (USA).

Finally the Supreme fuses are treated with a proprietary quantum level process.

Save $130 per set on Stillpoints package!
One of our favorite isolation devices, the Stillpoints have applications ranging from electronics to speakers. We have always found the optional "Inverse Risers" to be a useful upgrade for the Stillpoints. The Risers make Stillpoints cones function more effectively.

Here's the deal: Save 10% on all "original" Stillpoints AND get a FREE set of Risers ($99 value).
Net price $269/3. $130 savings!
Purist Audio Design: 50% off on "Ultimate" System Enhancer discs - save $75!
The "Ultimate" version of Purist Audio Designs System Enhancer CD by using tones and signals at optimal frequencies and amplitudes reduces the break-in time for components from 24 hours to 5 hours and conditions all components (speakers, cables, and electronics) in the sound system by removing molecular stresses and residual magnetism, while “opening” the system to perform to its full potential.

Regular price $150; November special offer $75.
A Special $299/4 Cathedral Sound Acoustic Panel "RoomPak."
Best offer of the year on our favorite Cathedral Sound Acoustic Panels. As acknowledged in their Stereophile write-up, these panels are uniquely effective on deep bass standing waves, and quite remarkable in their broadband impact, especially in light of their small size: 11" x 16" x 2" (28 x 41 x 5 cm).

The Panels are most effective if used symmetrically in the room. By this we mean either one in every corner, or two in every corner.

To make it easy we are offering sets of 4 off-white or black 'Panels in a "RoomPak" at a very special price of $299/4. (And the small size and light weight makes for reasonable shipping costs.)

In smallish rooms, or for low volume systems, or systems with restricted bass response, a Panel in each corner will do it. For larger rooms, and especially for systems played at high volume with big bass, two Panels in each corner is the ticket.
Special Purchase on Siltech's Affordable MXT Series!
Siltech is best known for their super exotic cables, which also carry exotic price tags. The MXT Series is their product line for the rest of us. Great materials, terminations, and performance at surprising prices for this quality level.

We were offered a special purchase at special prices, which we are passing along to you. Now on this select group of products save up to 40%! Quantities limited to stock on hand.

3x 1.5m Siltech Berlin AC retail $175 special price $119
2x 2.5m Siltech Berlin AC retail $245 special price $159

2pr x 2.5m Siltech New York Speaker Cable (Spades) retail $900 special price $539

1pr x 2m Siltech London Speaker Cable (Spades) retail $400 special price $239
3pr x 3m Siltech London Speaker Cable (Spades) retail $540 special price $329
2pr x 2m Siltech Paris Speaker Cable (Spades) retail $600 special price $359
2pr x 2.5m Siltech Paris Speaker Cable (Spades) retail $700 special price $419
3pr x 3m Siltech Paris Speaker Cable (Spades) retail $800 special price $479

7pr x 1m Siltech Paris Interconnect (RCA) retail $325 special price $219

2pr x 2m Siltech Paris Interconnect (RCA) retail $525 special price $339 2x 1m Siltech Stockholm Digital (RCA) retail $100 special price $59
Last chance for Intro Pricing on the NEW Powersnake Series Signal Cables from Shunyata Research
Shunyata Research is feeling very good about the reception their new "Powersnakes Series" interconnects and speaker cables are receiving. But the introductory pricing ends this month , which means everything goes up $500 per pair in December!

The Shunyata Research cable designs start with extremely high purity, all-copper, cryogenically and electromagnetically -treated conductors in sophisticated geometries designed to function as what the company refers to as a "virtual-tube." This conforms to the accepted concept of signal traveling on the outside of the conductor, and therefore being subject to "skin-effect" distortions and smearing due to the thickness and density of conductors, with the theoretical ideal being a hollow tube conductor. In Shunyata's approach their geometries claim to achieve the benefits of a hollow tube conductor without the drawbacks (stiffness and tendency for a hollow conductor to collapse).

But there is more happening with these cables than the materials and geometry especially in the Python and Anaconda models. For all except the entry level Black Mamba interconnects and speaker cables, a unique new approach to dielectric distortion is used to neutralize the electric charge "differential" between the conductor and insulating dielectric. The introduction of an electric field compensation circuit serves to neutralize the capacitor-like effect of having the dielectric material in close proximity to the signal, something that otherwise will cause what could be referred to as charge/discharge distortions.

These are over-performing products, meaning they can be compared to some very expensive and exotic products from other manufacturers. You still have time to try them out through our Cable Library before the prices go up, but hurry!

The intro prices for the Black Mamba, Python and Anaconda interconnects range from $700 to $2500 for a 1m pair, and intro prices for the speaker cables range from $1500- $3500 for an 8ft pair.

Very impressive and highly recommended!
Good news and bad news on PS Audio Prices. Big increases coming in December, but old prices and a super Trade in Program available NOW!
Just in from PS Audio is that the prices for their Perfect Wave DAC and Transport will each increase by $1000 to $3995 per piece on December 1, and the Power Plant P5 and P10 AC Regenerators will also each increase by $500 to $3495 and $5495, respectively. But there is still time to purchase at current pricing, and also PS Audio is making it even more attractive to make your move now by offering an excellent trade in/ trade up program for those of you having older PS Audio products.

Here are the trade in values (deduct from the current retail prices):

Product Product Credit
Power Plant Premier: $1000.00
P300/500: $500.00
P1000/600: $750.00
Quintet: $250.00
Duet: $150.00
Juice Bar: $150.00
DL3: $600.00

Credit can be applied to any of the following products/prices and you can even trade multiple items towards one piece gear:
Power Plant P5 (current price $2999.99)
Power Plant P10 (current price $4999.99)
PW DAC (current price $2999.99)
PW Transport (current price $2999.99)

But be quick because the new, higher pricing will apply for orders placed later than November 30 2011!

Take a look at all of our specials!

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