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Special Offers from Running Springs, Shunyata, Synergistic

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Customer email newsletter dated: September 15, 2011.


Special offers on three of our hottest brands!
September 15, 2011
Free AC cable offer from Running Springs Audio can save you $700 - $2300!
Intro pricing ending soon on the NEW Powersnake Series Signal Cables from Shunyata Research
Save $300 on the Synergistic Research Powercell 4 SE!

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Free AC cable offer from Running Springs Audio can save you $700 - $2300!
Among the elite of line filtration manufacturers, Running Springs Audio is not as well known as some others, but their lineup of line filters shares the top shelf with the best of the best.

Their top line Dmitri and Maxim models are a no compromise assault on the state-of-the-art using their special Platinum Foil Capacitors (did you know that Running Springs parent company, RTI, is one of the largest manufacturers of specialty capacitors for the audio industry?), large inductors, and resonance controlled chassis.

The other models in their "Elite" line from Haley ($1900) to Jaco ($3600) incorporate the same technology, but to a lesser degree (eg. fewer caps, smaller inductors, etc.) to allow for lower pricing, which, however, are in all cases competitive with their peers by price point.

Running Springs has a great offer for you. Available only in September 2011 when you purchase a 6 outlet Haley or 2 outlet Duke at regular retail prices you will receive their 5' Mongoose-2 Power Cord ($700) for FREE!

When you purchase the Jaco, Maxim, or Dmitri models at regular retail prices you will receive their 6' HZ Crown Jewel Power Cord ($2300) for FREE!

To take advantage of this special offer, just go ahead and purchase the line filter at the regular price, and we will handle the upgrade.

Not to be missed!
Intro pricing ending soon on the NEW Powersnake Series Signal Cables from Shunyata Research
Shunyata Research is feeling very good about the reception their new "Powersnakes Series" interconnects and speaker cables are receiving. But they just told us to let people know that the introductory prices are about to end, which means everything goes up $500 per pair SOON!

The Shunyata Research cable designs start with extremely high purity, all-copper, cryogenically and electromagnetically -treated conductors in sophisticated geometries designed to function as what the company refers to as a "virtual-tube." This conforms to the accepted concept of signal traveling on the outside of the conductor, and therefore being subject to "skin-effect" distortions and smearing due to the thickness and density of conductors, with the theoretical ideal being a hollow tube conductor. In Shunyata's approach their geometries claim to achieve the benefits of a hollow tube conductor without the drawbacks (stiffness and tendency for a hollow conductor to collapse).

But there is more happening with these cables than the materials and geometry especially in the Python and Anaconda models. For all except the entry level Black Mamba interconnects and speaker cables, a unique new approach to dielectric distortion is used to neutralize the electric charge "differential" between the conductor and insulating dielectric. The introduction of an electric field compensation circuit serves to neutralize the capacitor-like effect of having the dielectric material in close proximity to the signal, something that otherwise will cause what could be referred to as charge/discharge distortions.

These are over-performing products, meaning they can be compared to some very expensive and exotic products from other manufacturers. You still have time to try them out through our Cable Library before the prices go up, but hurry!

The intro prices for the Black Mamba, Python and Anaconda interconnects range from $700 to $2500 for a 1m pair, and intro prices for the speaker cables range from $1500- $3500 for an 8ft pair.

Very impressive and highly recommended!
Save $300 on the Synergistic Research Powercell 4 SE!

The Synergistic Research Powercell 4 ($1250) has been called one of the great high end bargains in top shelf line filtration. This 4 outlet beauty does most of what the top-line Powercell 10SE MK II ($5000) does, but at exactly 25% of the cost of the mothership.

Mind you the Powercell 4 only has 4 outlets, compared to 10 outlets on the 10SE, but the biggest difference in performance may lie with the power cord. Great line filters NEED great AC cables to the wall! The 10SE comes with the $1800 Tesla Precision AC SE included in the $5000 price, while the Powercell 4 comes with only a "stock" cable. It really warrants a top shelf cord to the wall however, and we recommend combining with the Tesla T3 SE ($900).

In fact this very combination just received a BEST of 2011 Blue Note Award from

To celebrate, Synergistic is packaging the Powercell 4 with a 5ft Tesla T3 SE, and calling the combination "Powercell 4SE," with a special price of $1850, which represents a $300 savings compared to the individual prices for these products.

Try the Powercell 4 with (and without for reference) the Tesla T3 SE through our Cable Library
to hear what a top flight line filtration system can do for your sound!

Take a look at all of our specials!

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