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New Products from Synergistic Research

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Customer email newsletter dated: March 16, 2010.


New Products from Synergistic Research

March 15, 2010
In recent years one of the most innovative companies in the high end cable business, Synergistic Research, has successfully extended their design efforts into both room acoustic treatments with their Acoustic ART system, and also into power line conditioning with their Powercells.

The success of the Powercell technology with respect to AC line conditioning led designer, Ted Denny, to seek to apply the same design concepts, which he had developed for the Powercell, to interconnects and speaker cables. Thus began the "Galileo Project" and the development of the statement Galileo System of interconnects and speaker cables. These cost-no-object designs were originally developed to see what was possible at the absolute limit by applying the "Galileo Cell Technology" to signal cables. The result is a remarkable achievement sonically, but due in no small part to the liberal use of precious metals, these are out of reach for most (prices start at $25,000 for the interconnects and $40,000 for the speaker cables).

Of far more interest to the rest of us is the core technology that this research has yielded, which is now available in a much more affordable form known as the Galileo Universal Cells, the subject of this special report.
The Galileo Universal Cells
Galileo Interconnect Cells
Galileo Speaker Cells
Available now through the Cable Library for in-home audition
Synergistic Research MiG footers at $150/set

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The Galileo Universal Cells
In a sense a new product category, the Galileo Universal Cells are powered boxes that are placed in series between signal cables and components. So far in our testing we would not state that these devices necessarily work better with Synergistic Research cables than they do with other manufacturers' cables. The effect is the same across a variety of cables which we have tested so far. It will be interesting as time goes by to learn more about the cable matches where this new concept may work best.

The Universal Cells may be considered RFI and EMI filters, but clearly more is happening than simple noise filtration. The signal is also being "conditioned" in ways that we are not entirely clear on. Regarding the science, on the Synergistic Research website there is a lengthy discussion about what is known about signal transmission compared to what is audible. Could it be that these 'cells are in some way "calming" or "ordering" the electron flow? We don't know everything about how the 'cells are working, but it does not take a "golden ear" to understand just how profound is the impact on the sound of the system.

You can try to break it down:
- improvement of the overall harmonic structure,
- better truth of timbre,
- lower noise floor with sounds and images emerging more clearly,
- improved detail and clarity,
- better soundstaging,
- more powerful bass response.

But this laundry list of attributes does not get to the heart of the matter, which is a more natural sound, more like the real world, more like real life. This improvement is both more exciting, and more relaxing, at the same time. More exciting because you are hearing more of what was happening when the music was being created, and more relaxing because of the naturalness.

If you love your music system you will want to try this new product!

Bad recordings sounding better:
Somehow through all of this there is an undeniable side effect, which hit us as a big surprise. Good recordings sounding better? OK, when the system is upgraded that makes sense. But why do mediocre recordings now sound so much better? Big bonus! And one that may make for some late nights as you revisit long neglected discs which just didn't sound very good before.

If you love music you will want to try this new product!

Galileo Interconnect Cells
There are three "flavors" of interconnect cells, voiced for their specific applications:
- Preamp to power amp, connects to the preamp outputs.
- Source to preamp, connects to the preamp inputs.
- Source to integrated amp, connects to the source component outputs.

For each of these there is a version for RCA cables ($1499/pr) and a version for XLR cables ($1999/pr).

Special offer: for a limited time the Galileo Interconnect Cells will be shipped with a free 1m pair of the new Synergistic Research Galileo Basik interconnects, the least expensive of Synergistic's Quantum Tunneled interconnects, which cost $250/1m pair. This is a nice bonus, which will also give you the option to use the 'cells with your current interconnects, or just use the Synergistic package - 'cells + Galileo Basik interconnects - as a total replacement for the interconnects you are using now.
Galileo Speaker Cells
The speaker cells come in only one version ($2499/pr.), but this product does offer built-in flexibility:
-comes with a 16" (40cm) stereo set of "jumpers" to run from the 'cell to the speakers, but optional 32" (80cm) and 48" (120cm) jumpers are also available if needed due to the location of your speaker binding posts.
-the Speaker Cells have options to run a single set of jumpers for single wire speakers, but you can add additional jumpers to accommodate biwire or even triwire speakers. The additional jumpers cost $150 per 16" set, $170 for a 32" set, and $190 for a 48" set.

Special offer: similar to the deal with the interconnect cells, for a limited time the Speaker Cells will be shipped with a free 6ft pair of the new Synergistic Research Galileo Basik speaker cables, the least expensive of Synergistic's Quantum Tunneled speaker cables, which cost $400/6ft pair. In addition to being a nice deal (free is good!) it will give you the option to use the 'cells with your current speaker cables, or just use the Synergistic package - 'cells + Galileo Basik speaker cables - as a total replacement for the cables you are using now.
Available now through the Cable Library for in-home audition
If it is time for a major upgrade in your system, the complete line of Galileo Universal Cells is available for in-home audition. Contact us to try them with your current cables - and/ or try with some of the Synergistic Research Tesla Series cables.

An exciting product.....highly recommended!

Synergistic Research MiG footers at $150/set

Sometimes good things come in small packages. The new MiG (Mechanical Interface Grounding) footers may be the best $150 (for a set of 3) you can spend on your system. The photos and drawings tell the tale, (click to view more easily) and this seemingly simple design delivers outstanding results.

When two MiG’s are placed “round side up” and one is placed “round side down," you hear a more ambient soundscape. Best for "live" rooms, or if you often listen to large orchestral works.

Reverse this with two MiG’s “round side down” and you will hear more pin-point imaging. Best for "deader" rooms, or for intimate recordings, such as small scale Jazz.

Also available for in-home audition through the Library!

For additional information on these offers and frequent updates speak with your Cable Company consultant, or visit our websites: and www.ultrasystem.comFor hundreds of specials on used and demo cables, visit

Or call us Mon.- Fri. 10 -6; Sat. 11-5 Eastern time on 800-328-9973 (or 215-862-4870). Fax: 215-862-4871
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