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Digital 1-2-3: New Black Cat Veloce and FREE misc offer.

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Customer email newsletter dated: May 4, 2010.


Digital 1-2-3: New Black Cat Veloce and FREE music offer. May 1, 2010
Digital 1-2-3: New Black Cat Veloce and FREE music offer.
• How can you sell this cable at less than half the price of the Stereovox XV-2?
$123 is a great deal:
Read more....
• More to come!
The only thing better than a bargain is FREE. Check out free music and videos called "Masters From Their Day" courtesy of Benchmark Media.

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Digital 1-2-3: New Black Cat Veloce and FREE music offer.

One of the biggest guns in digital cable design for the last two decades, Chris Sommovigo, of Illuminati, Illuminations (Kimber), Stereovox, and Stereolab fame, this time has focussed his laser-like attention on delivering the most cost effective, but true high end, SPDIF cable possible, selling under a new brand name, "Black Cat Cable," and called "Veloce" (Italian for "speed").

This new design is derived from the recently discontinued Stereovox model XV-2, which was something of a category-killer at $250/1m. Last year the XV-2 was upgraded to the no-holds-barred current reference model called XV-Ultra ($350/1m). At the same time the Stereovox name was changed to "Stereolab" for legal reasons.

The designer's most recent challenge was to produce a near state-of-the-art digital link that could sell for a song. The Black Cat Veloce is that cable, and the way it is being sold is a big part of the story.

• How can you sell this cable at less than half the price of the Stereovox XV-2?
Building the cable in only one length, 1.23m (48.5"), facilitates critical optimization at 75 ohms, and also importantly means that it can be produced in lower cost, longer production runs. Use of Chris' popular universal BNC/RCA connector further supports this standardization. Add to that the skinnier than usual margins both for the manufacturer and for the dealers, and you end up with a $123 "direct price" - something of a gift to the audiophile!
$123 is a great deal:
In fact you could call it a steal at this price. We hate absolutes because of system matching issues, etc., but will go out on a limb this time calling this the BEST DEAL EVER on a high end digital cable. The low cost objective means one length only, and thin margins make it impossible to discount further, however.

Money Back Guaranty and Upgrade Offer:

Not only do we offer the Black Cat Veloce for in-home audition through our Cable Library, but if you just don't feel like doing the Cable Library homework, you can also purchase with a 60-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guaranty. In addition if you decide you want to upgrade to the Stereolab XV-Ultra model within a year, we will give you 100% full credit for your exchange of the Black Cat Veloce (excellent condition exchanges only).

The Veloce digital cable is truly a "HOT ROD" performer:

* 75 Ohms, +/- 1 Ohm tolerance
* Extensive shielding using both flat-wound metal foil and silver-plated copper woven shield. Controls impedance tolerance and helps prevent leakage.
* Tens of GHz of bandwidth, limited only by the connectors and mating components.
* Broadband 75 Ohm BNCs with greater-than 6 GHz bandwidth
* Bespoke BNC:RCA adapters for best performance
* Cryogenically Treated
* 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Read more....
Read more on the Black Cat website, view their Press release, visit The Cable Company website, and order here!
• More to come!
The success of the Veloce digital cable, and this new sales model, will beget an expansion of the line to include Black Cat interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords. More to come!

The only thing better than a bargain is FREE. Check out free music and videos called "Masters From Their Day" courtesy of Benchmark Media.
Here's another gift for music lovers out there. Benchmark Media is pretty well known for their high value D/A converters used for high performance audio, but even better known in the pro audio world for their studio gear.

Masters From Their Day is a web series available on a new website as well as YouTube and Facebook. Each episode documents an attempt to produce a “release-quality” single in one day, and each session will be executed by a different set of collaborators (engineer, studio, and artist).

The first episode was produced on March 1, 2010, at Kaufman Astoria Studios, and it is a lot of fun to watch. (My 10 and 13 year olds enjoyed it too!) The featured band is called Rubblebucket, and the featured engineers were Joe Castellon and Alex Lipsen. All of the mixed tracks from this series will be mastered by three-time Grammy-award winning mastering engineer Gavin Lurssen, and the mastered track from each session will be available as a free download.

The first 4 minutes of the 8.5 minute video shows the band stressing the details, and studio prep. The rest is the recording session.This first installment is a lot of fun and results in a catchy, jazzy, funky tune that may get stuck in your head. That's the only downside.

So take a break for 8 and 1/2 minutes and enjoy!

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