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New and Unique Audio Technology

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Customer email newsletter dated: May 18, 2010.


New and Unique Audio Technology May 18, 2010
Often when we hear about "new" products in this industry, usually "new" is just a revision to an older technology, rather than something that was created from a clean sheet of paper. But sometimes new is actually NEW. Here a few noteworthy new and unique products furthering the state of the art in high performance audio.
Veloce Audio Platino LS-1 Preamplifier wins TAS Golden Ear Award from Henry Pearson
TEO Audio Liquid Cables

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Veloce Audio Platino LS-1 Preamplifier wins TAS Golden Ear Award from Henry Pearson

Veloce Audio has just received a well-deserved "Golden Ear Award" from Harry Pearson of The Absolute Sound for their Platino LS1 preamplifier. 

What makes the Veloce Platino LS1 different from other preamplifiers?  Simple - it is a full function, completely autobiasing tube linestage preamplifier with all of the signal handling and the tube autobiasing powered by "smart batteries." The Platino LS1 is capable of providing 70 hours of musical playback between charges, which is one very long listening session!  When the preamp is powered down, the internal batteries are automatically charged.  . Frankly in use you would not know there even was a battery supply unless they told you. Smart indeed.

What this means is that the LS1 is off the power grid during playback, eliminating any and all noise caused by household AC.

There have been a few other battery powered preamplifiers developed over the years, but none this user-friendly, or anywhere near this level of performance, which we would consider to be  at the current state of the art.  While other battery powered preamps have achieved some level of recognition, all of the previous designs have suffered from a common characteristic - lack of ultimate dynamics, particularly in the frequency extremes. The design of the Veloce unit not only overcomes these obstacles, but has managed to raise the bar for preamplifier performance to a new level.  The music emerges from a completely black background and portrays every nuance of volume, pitch, and timber in a way that envelops and involves the listener like no other.

Featuring both RCA and XLR inputs and outputs, remote control for both gain and L-R balance, 24db of gain that can be attenuated by 60 steps, and an elegant black and polished aluminum case with the 4 tubes showing thru the faceplate.  The LS1 incorporates truly original thinking and is exceptionally well engineered with careful attention to detail. There is even provision for the unlikely event that the batteries would become fail within the first five years -  a free replacement set, and environmentally friendly disposal of the old batteries are arranged by Veloce.

We are pleased to represent Veloce Audio thru our Ultra Systems showroom.  We have had one of the very first LS1 preamplifiers in our soundrooms for more than a year, and it never fails to impress , whether used with solid state or tube gear, in whatever system it has been installed.  At $14,995, the LS1 is a significant investment, but one that will pay sonic dividends for many years.  It is also an education on the importance of the preamp to the overall sound of the system. No one who listens to the Veloce will ever again believe that the preamp is just a glorified switching box. Truly this is the heart of the system.

We have also been fortunate enough to audition the companion Veloce phono stage together with the LS1 linestage.  This separate chassis add-on unit costs $3000, and also connects to the battery pack of the LS1 for off-grid operation.  With the addition of the new phono stage, Veloce is now an analog lovers dream preamp as well.

For more information about these exciting new products, please visit the Veloce website or contact your favorite consultant here at The Cable Company/Ultra Systems.

TEO Audio Liquid Cables
Over the years, cable designers have used a variety of materials to act as dielectrics for the conductors in audio cables - various liquids (especially the pioneering designer, Jim Aud, at  Purist Audio Design), exotic materials, and even air or a  vacuum -  to minimize the effects of the conductor/insulator interface. 

But here is something completely new. Teo Audio is actually using a  liquid metal conductor. The Teo cables use a molecular combination of rare metals in a mixture that is related to the material used inside childproof thermometers, where it replaced toxic Mercury. (The Teo liquid metal is also non- toxic.)

Maybe it is partially a psychological effect, but there is an undeniable liquidity to the sound as well. The best words to describe these cables would be "natural" and "musical".  Timbers, tonality, dynamics, "rightness" of pitch, recorded harmonics, and minute detail are all present, but never spot lit. The reason for this, according to Teo's designers, "As the drive current levels (amperage-current/electron mass) change in different audio systems, the response of this cable will change as the fluid is a free-floating molecular slurry and the individual molecules have the opportunity to directly react to the change in current mass. i.e. the current mass steers the fluid into specific alignments. Dynamically, in real time."  Got that?

Much attention has been paid over the years to the grain structure of the the metals used as conductors  in audio cables in order to minimize distortion due to electrons interacting with the metals' crystal boundaries. Could it be that Teo's liquid metal conductors have achieved the ideal of a grainless conductor?

There are currently 3 models of Teo interconnects (the PDL, the Super PDL, and the MHD-1 aka "The Standard"), and digital cables, and 2 versions of the speaker cables ( MHD-1 and Super PDL).   Please take a look at our website for the particulars about the TEO models. Because of the cost of the liquid metal ($100,000/gallon), Teo cables are not inexpensive, but happily not totally out of sight either. 1m interconnects are in the $1200- $2500 range, digital cables at about 1/2 the interconnect pairs, and speaker cables starting at just under $9k.  This is a special product and we encourage home audition  through our Cable Lending Library.

Sonically worth comparing to the best cable designs.


For additional information on these offers and frequent updates speak with your Cable Company consultant, or visit our websites: and www.ultrasystem.comFor hundreds of specials on used and demo cables, visit

Or call us Mon.- Fri. 10 -6; Sat. 11-5 Eastern time on 800-328-9973 (or 215-862-4870). Fax: 215-862-4871
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