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New Powercell 4, Nirvana Special Offer

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Customer email newsletter dated: December 14, 2010.


New Powercell 4, Nirvana Special Offer

Last email we highlighted a dozen + holiday specials.

This time around we have another great "deal" for you from Nirvana Audio, and maybe even a better deal in the form of the new Powercell 4 from Synergistic Research. Read on...

Nirvana Audio interconnect special - save up to 33%.

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Our first new special on Nirvana S-L and S-X interconnects in three years! The Nirvana line is known for a smooth and dimensional presentation with broad tube and solid state applications. This elaborate and fully realized design offers dark, dark backgrounds spotlighting the music and images on the stage. The excellent noise rejection characteristics also make Nirvana interconnects a top choice for analog applications (ie. turntable to phono stage connection).

Nirvana's S-L interconnects are available at a special purchase price of $499/1m pair. Your choice of RCA or XLR cables. This is 1/3 off the usual $750/1m price. Add $85 for additional 1/2 meter pair lengths.

Or go for the top-line Nirvana's S-X interconnects for $999/1m pair (reg. $1400) with extra lengths costing $165 per half meter pair.

Only while special price supplies last!

Just enter Special Offer Code: X1210NIRVANA in the "comments" section of our Express Order Form, if ordering through our website shopping cart using the above link, or mention this email special to your Cable Company consultant.

Are Nirvana cables right your system? Talk to us about your components. Available for in-home audition through the Cable Library.

NEW Synergistic Research Powercell 4: $1250 intro price.
The short list of top performance AC line conditioners includes products such as the Audience's T series, Running Springs Audio's Dmitri, the Shunyata Research Hydra V-Ray II, and certainly the Synergistic Research Powercell 10 SE. All of these are in the $5000 + category. The best ain't cheap, at least not usually.

But your Cable Company trend-watchers are excited about something new on the horizon for 2011: the more affordable elite performance level powerline conditioner. We expect this to be a recurring theme in our email blasts during the next year, and right on cue we are pleased to offer the brand new Powercell 4 from Synergistic Research at an introductory price of just $1250!

The PowerCell 4 is a four outlet unit based on the same patented Electromagnetic Cell Technology used in SR's top-line product. Due to an evolution of the production method for the Electromagnetic Cells, the Powercell 4 comes in a much smaller chassis than the Powercell 6 and 10, which has some definite placement advantages.

Sonically, in an apples to apples comparison (see below regarding AC cables) with the company's statement Powercell 10SE, the PowerCell 4 is just as detailed with a natural-sounding treble and clean, tight deep bass. The soundstaging is subjectively more "precise" using the Powercell 4 compared to the PowerCell 10 SE's larger and more liquid stage, a difference that many would consider a matter of preference, rather than necessarily "better" or "worse". But importantly we are in the same overall performance category. And this at a fraction of the price of the big boys!

Like the Powercell 10SE, the PowerCell 4 is non-current limiting. It is not fused or switched - nothing to impede maximum transparency. But while the 10SE comes with the excellent Tesla Precision AC cable as part of the package, the Powercell 4 comes with a generic 14-gauge power cord.

I mentioned an "apples to apples (sonic) comparison" in an earlier paragraph, which in this case means that this generic power cord, which is only provided as a convenience to the user until they acquire something better, was not used for listening tests. Nor did we go all the way up to the Tesla Precision AC cable used on the 10SE. This $1800 cable seems an unlikely match for the $1250 Powercell 4. A more likely upgrade AC cable for the Powercell 4 would be the Tesla T3 AC cable, or the "ultra high current" (UHC) version of this cable called the T3 UHC. Our listening comparison notes assume this level of companion AC cable, and we invite you to contact us for our special offers which combine one of these upgraded AC cables with your Powercell 4 purchase.

But if your budget won't allow for an upgrade AC cable at this level, there is an excellent minimalist option available. Synergistic has just released a new AC cable to accompany their "Basik" series of interconnects and speaker cables (more on this Basik series in a later email). The "Precision Basik AC" is a non-Active Shielding cable with a sonic balance similar to the Active Shielded Tesla Precision AC (used with the PowerCell 10 SE), which will further enhance precise image placement, strong dynamics, and PRAT of the Powercell 4. Something of a giant killer AC cable in its own right, the $250 Precision Basik makes a good companion for the Powercell 4.

All of these products are available now, and also available for in-home audition through The Cable Library.

Synergistic Research prices listed are for the domestic US market only. Export prices and 230v prices are higher, and there are restrictions with respect to sales into certain international markets which have active distribution for Synergistic Research products. Please discuss availability with your Cable Company representative before placing orders for SR products for export outside the United States.
For additional information on these offers and frequent updates speak with your Cable Company consultant, or visit our websites: and  For hundreds of specials on used and demo cables, visit

For other highlighted products and special offers, take a look at the previous editions of our customer Email Newsletters in our Newletter Archives.

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