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WELCOME to the archive of customer email newsletters.

Specials are often limited by time or have limited product availability, but if you see something you like, let us know and we will try to accommodate you. If you would like to receive our customer email newsletters, please log in to take advantage of full membership privileges.

In August 2011 we moved this website to a new platform.  Unfortunately this caused some of the links in the older newsletters, which appear in this Archive, to no longer function.  We hope you will find the content to be valuable nonetheless.

Customer email newsletter dated: January 1, 2011.


Year end specials extended and improved.
January 4, 2011
As is our tradition, where possible we are holding open our holiday specials while special purchase quantities remain, or right the way through January 2011, whichever comes first.

Save on HiFi-Tuning fuses.
Outstanding HDMI from Purist Audio Design: $99 special offer.
$399 AktiMate System. Save $300.
Take $25-$50 off all Cardas/Sennheiser Headphone Cables.
CRL Bronze "bundle" now an additional $100 off.

Nanotec DIY Holiday Special - 25% off during December!
Wireworld's Gold Starlight 5 AES/EBU. Special Closeout Pricing: 50% off!
$149/8 special on Cable Towers.

25% off Shunyata Hydra with upgrade AC cable.

HiFi-Tuning $249 special on BEST disc demagnetizer.
Gutwire Notepad II.
Arcici Reference Suspense Rack - save $550.
A Special $325/4 Cathedral Sound Acoustic Panel "RoomPak."
RoomTune Classic II: Acoustic Treatment Special Offers.
$125 Special on Digistrobo.
All of us at The Cable Company wish you joyous and
Happy New Year!

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Save on HiFi-Tuning fuses.

Intro prices for the new Supreme Fuses end February 1, and we will also continue the $5 and $10 reductions on Gold and SilverStar all the way through January!

HiFi-Tuning just released the new super-exotic "Supreme" fuses made from a 99% Silver+ 1% Gold material and incorporating some unique materials treatments. These Supremes have special introductory pricing of $50 for the small (.75"/ 20mm) size and $75 for the large (1.25"/ 32mm) size.

We are also offering for the holiday season $5 off the small size Original Gold-plated and all-silver SilverStar fuses, and $10 off the large size of the Gold-plated and SilverStar.

Just enter Special Offer Code: X1210FUSE in the "comments" section of our Express Order Form if ordering through our website shopping cart using the above link, or mention this email special to your Cable Company consultant.

Outstanding HDMI from Purist Audio Design: $99 special offer.

Our videophiles are loving this HDMI cable - check it out at the special price!

Purist Audio Design, when it came time to decide on a superior interface between their super-exotic Stahltek line of Transports and DACs (costing $20k each), decided on the I2S interface via an HDMI cable. This set them upon a two year development effort to produce what is now known simply as the $120 "Purist Audio Design's HDMI Cable."

Using single crystal copper conductors and special materials treatment, this outside-the-box HDMI design does everything right to offer a for real high end product at real world prices. Highly recommended as long as your requirement doesn't exceed the maximum 15' length they are willing to build.

Special holiday price of $99 for 4ft (1.2m) standard length. Just add $10 per foot for longer lengths.

$399 AktiMate System. Save $300.

We will deduct an additional 10% over and above the following special offer on Aktimate Speaker orders in January while our special purchase supply lasts!

We are bringing back our $399 special on the AktiMate Mini for the holidays! An active speaker system from Australia, the AktiMate is ideal for use with Laptops, iPods, wireless devices, or any other source you can think of.

Consisting of shielded Epos drivers and a Creek A/B amplifier, the 12" tall speakers will produce 50 Hz with only 1.5 db roll off.

Anyone familiar with Epos and Creek will recognize their sonic signatures here. Think accessible, enjoyable, with great warmth and a plenty of resolution. The famous British rhythm and pacing is all there, with very good drive. These speakers have soul.

Don't consider this a high-end Jr. type of system. Rather the AktiMate is more of a fun system for audiophiles. Unpretentious and a little forgiving of the source, these speakers are perfectly designed for their intended purpose of being used with an iPod or computer source. They sound great running off a WiFi based remote source like an Apple Airport Express or any of the Windows equivalents, but they could be used in any number of ways, including as a primary system in a smaller room.

The AktiMate speakers have an iPod dock on the top of the active speaker in the pair (the other speaker draws it's power from this one), and a remote that controls the iPod. The iPod also charges when you are using it, and if it has a video out so that the AktiMate system can be connected to a video monitor, while again, using the remote. RCA and mini jack inputs are available. Along with the video output, RCA output is included to allow the easy addition of a subwoofer, or a second pair of AktiMates.

If you have use for a compact speaker system, and don't want some junky "computer speaker," or if you want to give someone a really nice gift this year, consider the AktiMate Mini!

Limited quantities at our special $399 price in black or white only. Aktimate regularly $699.99, now $399 only while special purchase supplies last!

Take $25-$50 off all Cardas/Sennheiser Headphone Cables.

Excellent offer on this excellent headphone upgrade extended through January. First customer to also order the Sennheiser HD800 headphones in January gets the Cardas cable upgrade for free!

Sennheiser is one of the best headphone lines we sell.
And one of the nice things about headphones is that even the BEST is not crazy expensive. I mean we can sell the state-of-art Sennheiser HD-800's (not allowed to post this model on our website - but just ask!) for $1399. What other BEST audiophile product can you acquire for this kind of money?

And how do you make one of the best headphones sound even better? Upgrade the stock cable with a better cable from Cardas Audio. It takes all of 2 minutes to pop out the original cable and install the new cable from Cardas.

The two areas of immediately noticeable improvement when using the upgraded cable are the depth and control of the bass frequencies, and the added sense of presence and air from the midrange to the uppermost frequencies.

For those who want to achieve the best of the best in headphone performance, the Cardas headphone cables for Sennheisers are a "must have". The Cardas/Sennheiser headphone cables work with Sennheiser models HD580, HD600, and HD650, with a special version for the top line HD800.

Cardas/ Sennheiser Holiday Special - Save $25 on all Cardas/Sennheiser cable orders in December 2010. Make it $50 off if you also order Sennheiser headphones! Just enter Special Offer Code: X1210CARDAS in the "comments" section of our Express Order Form if ordering through our website shopping cart, or mention this email special to your Cable Company consultant.

CRL Bronze "bundle" now an additional $100 off.

Special package deal continues through January...

For a company that received "Product of the Year" awards from the High End press for the last three years, CRL is still a relatively unfamiliar name to many hobbyists. In order to get their products into the hands of as many people as possible, CRL has a one price fits all, extremely high value cable package (or "bundle") that is unique in the industry.

The CRL Bronze Series Bundle provides for two pairs of Bronze series interconnects, either RCA or XLR, in any lengths up to 3M per pair, along with a pair of the CRL Bronze series speaker cables (either stereo or bi-wire termination, spades or bananas) up to 12 feet in length, all for one very attractive price of $895. (Individual pairs of interconnects n this series cost $599/pair for up to 3M, which gives you an idea of the relative value of the "bundle!"). Thru the end of December 2010, the Bronze series bundle has been further reduced to $795.

The Bronze series interconnects are a hand-built silver/stranded copper hybrid design that uses lead free solder terminated with top quality RCA's or XLR's. Quality terminations are a CRL specialty.

The Bronze series speaker cables are an all stranded copper design, also handmade in either stereo or bi-wire configuration, and again terminated using lead free solder.

The Bronze cables work equally well with tubes or solid state designs, and in systems from entry level to state of the art.

If you have been thinking about upgrading your system with new cables, or have friends that are ready for high end cables, the CRL Bronze Series Bundle is a way to get some very good cables, in the lengths and termination you need, for not a lot of money. We have the entire line up of CRL cables including the Bronze cables available in our Cable Lending Library for home audition - contact your audio consultant at The Cable Company to make arrangements.

Nanotec DIY Holiday Special - 25% off during December!

Continue to save 25% through January!

The Japanese company Nanotec has applied molecular science to improve the performance of their audio cables. Of course the Nanotec cables are available in a finished, terminated form, but we especially like them as "elite level" DIY cables (interconnects, speaker, and power cords). The pricing is extraordinarily good for the quality and performance level, and Nanotec earns our highest recommendation for DIY applications.

What makes these Nanotec cables different from all others is that the OFC conductors are treated with a colloidal liquid that contains a suspension of micro particles with a certain ratio of gold to silver which has been chosen by ear as most appropriate to the application. The theory is that as the conductors are extruded (pulled), microscopically small surface scratches are formed on their surfaces which affects the ability of the conductors to transmit an audio signal unscathed. When the conductors are treated with the micro particles suspended in the right type of liquid, these small scratches will be filled in and the surface will become a better conductor.

The liquid that Nanotec uses is made, believe it or not, from shark liver oil. This type of oil, also known as Squalene Oil, has been available in audio for some time as a contact enhancer, so this application makes good sense. What I can tell to those of you snickering in the background, is that it is NOT snake oil.

The Nanotec cables are well-made with special attention paid to vibration control and natural sound using cotton spacers and Japanese paper in addition to the high quality conductors and dielectrics. For more information on these high performance cables, please take a look at the product listings in our website, or read the online review of the Nanotec cables at or at

Nanotec Holiday Special - Save 25% for all Nanotec orders in December, 2010. Just enter Special Offer Code: X1210NAN in the "comments" section of our Express Order Form if ordering through our website shopping cart, or mention this email special to your Cable Company consultant.

Wireworld's Gold Starlight 5 AES/EBU. Special Closeout Pricing: 50% off!

Save an additional 10% in January over and above the following special offer. We will automatically reduce the price upon order.

Need AES/EBU digital? A great, high value option is our 50%off closeout on the Series 5 Gold Starlight AES/EBU from Wireworld. Wireworld has launched Series 6 for most of their cables, but there is still some stock yet of the Gold Starlight 5 AES/EBU. Half off, while they last! Now $125/0.5m, $199/ 1m, etc.

Just use our Express Order Form ordering one or more of these cables through our website shopping cart, or mention this email special to your Cable Company consultant. Offer good only while supplies last.

$149/8 special on Cable Towers.

The special offer and free freight continues through January...

By now most high-enders know that getting your cables out of the electromechanical haze that lays invisibly on top of your floors is an easy way to upgrade your system. Just re-released with a price reduction, the Cable Tower incorporates:

- 4 legs for stability, and low contact surface area for better insulation properties;
- ability to penetrate carpet, but not mar hardwood or tile;
- a material with a better dielectric constant than previously existing porcelain products;
- a design to allow multiple cables to be elevated without being in physical contact with each other.

The resulting product is the low mass, acrylic Cable Tower. Recommended! Generally use at 12" - 18" intervals (30-45cm).

Sold in sets of four for $79. Special offer: two sets/4 for $149. Free surface freight for 8 pieces or more in the US, or flat rate $25 standard airmail (where advisable) for our international customers.

Just enter Special Offer Code: x1210TOWER in the "comments" section of our Express Order Form if ordering through our website shopping cart, or mention this email special to your Cable Company consultant.

25% off Shunyata Hydra with upgrade AC cable.

Terrific offer continues through January...

One of the highest performing families of line filtration products, Shunyata Research is offering special packages on their Hydra series when purchased together with an upgrade AC cable running to the wall. Basically it is 25% off the combined retail prices of your choice of Hydra units with an appropriate companion AC cable.
If you order:
Hydra V-Ray Series II with a King Cobra CX or Anaconda CX (with 20amp IEC to fit the Vray), the combined "package" will be discounted 25%.

Hydra 8 Version II with a King Cobra CX or Anaconda CX or Python CX (with 20amp IEC to fit the Hydra), the combined "package" will be discounted 25%.

Hydra 4 or Hydra 6 gets you a Diamondback Platinum (with 20amp IEC to fit the Hydra) for free!

HiFi-Tuning $249 special on BEST disc demagnetizer.

Both the 120v and 230v versions continue on special offer through January. Don't miss out!

The HFT CD demagnetizer offers something different: two DeMag cycles at different frequencies and twice the power for more effective demagnetization.

Why demagnetize a CD or video disc? The spinning disc, and the magnetic materials used in label paints, will pick up a charge over time. Especially obvious on older discs. Remember you thought that was such a good recording, but when you pulled it out again later, it didn't sound so great? Magnetization.

At $249 this unit offers both more powerful demagnetization and a $220 savings compared to the Acoustic Revive RD-3! The double DeMag cycle for the HiFi-Tuning machine takes 16 seconds, compared to the 8 second single cycle for the Acoustic Revive.

More demag for your buck! 120v and 230v versions available.

Gutwire Notepad II.

At $75 for two you can't go wrong - special offer continues through January!

The Notepad II ($45) is a 5"x7" molecular polymer gel filled "beanbag" designed to be used on top of your components. The material within the Notepad II absorbs RFI and EMI, while at the same time it dampens resonance/vibrations. Because it is used on top of components, it will add mass to the device, which makes the footers used under the component more effective as well. Try some on top of your cd player, amplifier, preamplifier and/or dvd player - they are a low cost, high value accessory.

Holiday Special - 2 for $75.

Just enter Special Offer Code: X1210Notepad in the "comments" section of our Express Order Form, if ordering through our website shopping cart using the above link, or mention this email special to your Cable Company consultant.

Arcici Reference Suspense Rack - save $550.

We will automatically deduct an additional 10% over and above the following special offer for all Arcici orders in January - save up to $1000!

Arcici is one of the pioneers in the use of air-under-pressure for isolation, and has been in the business of making high quality audio racks and platforms for more than 15 years. The Arcici Reference Suspense Rack is one of the most evolved, carefully designed, and high performance racks available today.

The large, practical sized 22"x22" shelves are fully user adjustable, individually leveled, and made of black acrylic. The rack system itself is finished at the top and bottom with ebony wood, while the frame of the rack is a handsome powder coated black finish.

The attributable sonic impact of using a high quality, well-designed isolation system like the Arcici Reference rack is on the same scale as a high level component upgrade. At $5500 the Reference rack is not a casual purchase these days, but an investment in your system that will pay sonic dividends for years to come.

Special offer: 5 shelf Arcici Reference Suspense Rack: $4750 (Save $550). 4 shelf rack $4350.

A Special $325/4 Cathedral Sound Acoustic Panel "RoomPak."

Our special offer continues right through January...

Special offer on our favorite Cathedral Sound Acoustic Panels. As acknowledged in their Stereophile write-up, these panels are uniquely effective on deep bass standing waves, and quite remarkable in their broadband impact, especially in light of their small size: 11" x 16" x 2" (28 x 41 x 5 cm).

The Panels are most effective if used symmetrically in the room. By this we mean either one in every corner, or two in every corner.

To make it easy we are offering sets of 4 off-white or black 'Panels in a "RoomPak" at a special price of $325/4.

In smallish rooms, or for low volume systems, or systems with restricted bass response, a Panel in each corner will do it. For larger rooms, and especially for systems played at high volume with big bass, two in each corner is the ticket.

RoomTune Classic II: Acoustic Treatment Special Offers.

Save an additional 10% off over and above the following special offer the reduced prices in January!

RoomTune Classic II:

The well-known RoomTune acoustic pillows are back in an improved version called "Classic II". These products hang on the wall with push pins or Velcro to calm the areas where acoustic pressure will build in a room, especially the corners.

The most popular configuration is the "acoustics in a box" TunePak, comprising 4 of the CornerTunes for controlling the corner to ceiling pressure zone, 4 TuningStrips, which are placed directly below the CornerTunes, but nearer to the floor, and 2 Echotunes, placed near the ceiling at two midwall locations to help control "slap echo." Available in Ivory, Gray, or Black fabric.

Each of these Classic II products are available at a special price of only $38 each:

Full Size 16" CornerTunes: Regularly $49.50 each, now $38 each.
Full Size 8" x48" TuningStrips: Regularly $49.50 each, now $38 each.
Full Size 10" x16" EchoTunes: Regularly $49.50 each, now $38 each.

and for smaller rooms, the Mini Size products are all $32 each:

Mini Size 10" CornerTunes: Regularly $42 each, now $32 each.
Mini Size 4.5" x30" TuningStrips: Regularly $42 each, now $32 each.
Mini Size 5" x10" EchoTunes: Regularly $42 each, now $32 each.

$125 Special on Digistrobo.
If you need turntable speed control, you need Digistrobo! Special offer continues through January...

The Digistrobo is the most accurate and convenient of all speed strobes, and actually allows the user to test and adjust speed when the record is playing! $159.95 retail, special $125!

Just enter Special Offer Code: x1210STROBE in the "comments" section of our Express Order Form if ordering through our website shopping cart, or mention this email special to your Cable Company consultant.

For additional information on these offers and frequent updates speak with your Cable Company consultant, or visit our websites: and www.ultrasystem.comFor hundreds of specials on used and demo cables, visit

Or call us Mon.- Fri. 10 -6; Sat. 11-5 Eastern time on 800-328-9973 (or 215-862-4870). Fax: 215-862-4871
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