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Clean AC Power: the latest Technological Advances for Audio Systems

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Customer email newsletter dated: February 15, 2011.


Clean AC Power: the Latest Technological Advances for Audio Systems
February 15, 2011
As more and more emphasis is being put on the impact of the quality of AC directly correlating to sound quality, the state of the art in this category is being redefined and the limits of what can be accomplished are being moved again in 2011. Here is a snapshot of some of the latest and greatest, state of the art products for power conditioning from some of the best minds in the industry.

All of the prices mentioned below are domestic USA prices. Export prices may be higher and not all products are available for export to all countries.

Shunyata Unveils Next Generation Power Conditioners. Last Call for Hydra 8 and V-Ray II: Special offer.
PS Audio Announces new Perfect Wave Power Plant 5 and 10 AC regenerators and Trade in Program.
Silver Circle Audio unveils new Pure Power One 5.0

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Shunyata Unveils Next Generation Power Conditioners. Last Call for Hydra 8 and V-Ray II: Special offer.
Not content to rest on the laurels of the recently announced 2010 TAS Product of the Year award for the Hydra V-Ray II power conditioner, Shunyata Research will begin shipping, hopefully this month, two completely new designs in power conditioning - the Hydra Talos ($2995) and the Hydra Triton ($4995).

Under the cover both of these new line conditioners are physically dominated by sealed tubes that isolate each conductor and distribute its electrical field over a larger area. These tubes can be seen in the photo above, which is taken from an Audiobeat show report, and are unique to this design. But the even bigger new development may be the filtration elements used for the new designs which eliminate all capacitors in favor of a multi-element array of microfilters, with each of the 30 filters targeting specific noise components generated by the power supplies in typical components.

The main difference between the two models is that the Talos has 6 outlets, while the Triton has 8 outlets, and larger tube arrays. Like all Hydra products, these new models feature a non-current-limiting design for lightning fast transient response.

There is more to tell about the Talos and Triton and we expect the Shunyata website to be updated very soon. If you would like to try them through our Library as soon as they are shipping, just let us know.

There are still available limited quantities of Hydra 8 II and V-Ray II on special. Receive 25% off the combined price of a Hydra 8 or V-Ray II and a Python CX or better power cord with 20A IEC only while supplies last.
PS Audio Announces new Perfect Wave Power Plant 5 and 10 AC regenerators and Trade in Program.
PS Audio was a pioneer in developing AC power regeneration systems for home audio use more than 13 years ago with the introduction of the venerable P300 Power Plant. With more than 5000 PS Audio Power Plants in use around the globe, obviously PS Audio knows a thing or two about AC power regeneration. In an effort to keep consumer prices low, some of the manufacturing for these products had been moved to China. But the new P5 and P10 models are now being hand-assembled and tested in the US at the PS Audio manufacturing plant in Boulder, Colorado.

Compared to the Power Plant Premier, the fan-cooled P5 ($2999.99) boasts twice the magnetics, twice the energy storage and four times the number of output devices, which provides a huge reduction in output impedance. The user interface is significantly expanded as well. In keeping with the rest of the Perfect Wave series products a touch screen provides control of all functions as well as data on the incoming and outgoing voltage supply using a front panel oscilloscope to really see how your AC is behaving.

The P10 ($4499.99) delivers up to 1250 watts of continuous power and a massive 70 amps of current, by far the largest level of any PowerPlant product ever built. It does all of this without fan-cooling, hence the large heat sinks pictured above. The P10 is also web enabled meaning that once your system is powered by a P10 Power Plant you can use any web enabled device, including a Blackberry or iPhone, to access the P10’s control panel. From the P10’s control panel any connected equipment can be rebooted, turned on or off, or have its status checked. Warm up the system Scottie, I'll be home in an hour!

You can use our links above to view the P5 and P10 product pages on The Cable Company's website containing more information, and let us know if you want to try one of the first samples through the Library just as soon as we receive them, as early as this month (we hope!).

PS Audio has designed a program to allow some very good trade in values for older PS Audio Power Plants towards a new P5 or P10, from now through March 15th, 2011 .

Trade in values:
Premier Power Plant $1000
P600 or P1000 $750
P300 or P500 $500

Click for the details of this tradein program.
Silver Circle Audio unveils new Pure Power One 5.0
For a number of years, many at the leading edge of the audio industry have advocated the use of massive transformers to purify the AC power for high performance audio systems. The problem has been that these transformers needed to be installed by electricians, were massive in weight, generated lots of heat, and often needed to be located in a different room because of the audible hum from power rushing thru the windings. Silver Circle Audio has created the Pure Power One 5.0 to take advantage of the benefits of using a large, 5KVA transformer, with none of these drawbacks, except for the weight. The transformer alone weighs 65 lbs., which makes the finished conditioner tip the scales at closer to 100 pounds! Featuring high quality Furutech duplex outlets and a very cool "retro" look with wooden side panels, the Silver Circle One 5.0 will handle even the largest systems with ease. Just bring along a strong back....

NOTE: we currently show special introductory prices on our website for this product with a $1000 reduced price ($4000) only through the end of February!

Add these new models to existing performance champs from Running Springs Audio, the Audience "T" series, and the battery isolation voltage regenerators from PurePower APS, and you have a hot list of the leading edge of AC line conditioning. Contact us to discuss your system and AC conditions, and we can help you to identify your best approaches, and to arrange for in home audition of the appropriate products.

For additional information on these offers and frequent updates speak with your Cable Company consultant, or visit our websites: and For hundreds of specials on used and demo cables, visit

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