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Meet Ayon Audio

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Customer email newsletter dated: April 16, 2011.


Meet Ayon Audio
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We proudly welcome Ayon Audio to our family of high performance audio components. Although Ayon is a relatively new name to the US audio scene, the predecessor company (pre-acquisition by the current owners in Austria) has been making vacuum tubes and electronics for more than 20 years, previously under the VAIC badge.

Ayon components include a wide variety of outstanding tube preamps, power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, and CD-Players, also with vacuum tube output stages, and input stages for today's computer audio sources. Ayon components offer premium engineering and design: a combination of classic tube designs joined with advanced technologies. In the recent TAS cover story (by Peter Breuninger, The Absolute Sound, March 2011) the brand was referred to as the "Bugatti of Audio," featuring the "speed of solid-state with the holography of tubes." Although the reviews focussed on their top-line CD5s CD player ($11,380), Polaris III preamp ($29,900) and Vulcan II mono amps ($40,900/pr), the comments about getting an "extraordinary amount of detail without any edginess" are the sonic signature of the entire lineup.

We will step down a little in the line to highlight some of their other components which also exemplify these traits.
Ayon CD-2s CD Player ($6350)
One step down from Ayon's king of the hill, the CD-5s, which was reviewed in TAS, the CD-2s offers, almost without compromise, the glory of the big brother, but with a less elaborate power supply, and minus the full preamp functionality. As with the CD-5s, 4x 6H30 tubes anchor the analog output stage. Smooth, natural, soulful, 3D - - real music. One of our favorite CD players at any price!

An important feature, beginning to appear in many high end CD players, and all the Ayon models including the entry level CD-07 ($2995), is an array of digital inputs including USB, which can allow the Ayon CD players to not only play CD's, but to serve as the DA conversion hub for all digital source components.

Ayon Triton II integrated amplifier ($9750)

Ayon builds three lines of amplifiers, each designed around a different output topology. Their line of KT88 amplifiers and companion integrated amplifiers, are extremely stable, and powerful beyond their watts per channel. Prices range from $3100 up to $20k. The Triton II is their most powerful integrated(125w pentode or 80w triode operation) and offers a wonderful combination of finesse, along with enough power for all but the most demanding speaker systems.

Don't need all the power of the Triton II? The $5200 Spirit III integrated offers 55w in pentode or 35w in triode.

Don't need an integrated? Check out the Triton Monos ($13480/pr), which approach the state-of-the art.

Ayon also has a line of lower power, single-ended amps and integrateds using 6C33 output tubes, and higher current parallel single-ended designs including the Vulcan II reviewed by TAS.

If you are thinking about modern vacuum tube components, or just plain great sounding high end audio, you need to think about Ayon: unsurpassed build quality and wonderful sonics - not to be missed.

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