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Cable NEWS from Shunyata

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Customer email newsletter dated: June 1, 2011.


Cable NEWS from Shunyata
Next generation cables from major cable manufacturers are a big deal around here as you might expect, and we have some important news about new products to share with you including a whole new generation of interconnects and speaker cables from Shunyata Research. Read on!
The NEW Powersnake Series Signal Cables from Shunyata Research



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The NEW Powersnake Series Signal Cables from Shunyata Research
Shunyata Research is best known to most audiophiles for their outstanding Hydra powerline conditioners and AC cables, but they have been an active participant in the "signal cable" business (ie. interconnects and speaker cables) for many years. They have just released a new generation of "Powersnakes Series" signal cables that is worth a serious look.

First of all we should note that Shunyata is one of the most technology-driven of all the cable manufacturers. They employ sophisticated modeling and analysis to help refine the concepts developed by their founder and designer, Caelin Gabriel. His white papers on cable theory and design are well worth reading for the technically inclined, and for a more elaborate technical summary of the new technologies appearing in the new Powersnake signal cables than appears here, we refer you to their website.

As with all Shunyata cable designs, the new series starts with extremely high purity, all-copper, cryogenically and electromagnetically -treated conductors in sophisticated geometries designed to function as what the company refers to as a "virtual-tube." This conforms to the accepted concept of signal traveling on the outside of the conductor, and therefore being subject to "skin-effect" distortions and smearing due to the thickness and density of conductors, with the theoretical ideal being a hollow tube conductor. In Shunyata's approach their geometries claim to achieve the benefits of a hollow tube conductor without the drawbacks (stiffness and tendency for a hollow conductor to collapse).

But there is more happening with these cables than the materials and geometry. For all except the entry level interconnects and speaker cables, a unique new approach to dielectric distortion is used to neutralize the electric charge "differential" between the conductor and insulating dielectric. The introduction of an electric field compensation circuit serves to neutralize the capacitor-like effect of having the dielectric material in close proximity to the signal, something that otherwise will cause what could be referred to as charge/discharge distortions.

Ok, ok, this is getting a little too technical for a casual read, but the important thing is that not only does this new cable series sound great, it punches above its weight class. What I mean is that the company made a decision to dispense with exotic packaging and cable cosmetic touches to be able to offer these out-of-this-world products at real world prices. Using their familiar model names Black Mamba, Python and Anaconda, interconnects range from $700 to $2500 for a 1m pair, and speaker cables range from $1500 - $3500 for an 8ft pair. I didn't say "cheap," but I do say very high value and worth trying in your system (use our Cable Library), even if you have a bigger budget.

Very impressive and highly recommended!


The NEW Line Conditioners from Shunyata Research.

The two manufacturers featured in this mailing are also at the absolute cutting edge of line conditioner development with new products for 2011.

Shunyata's Next Generation Power Conditioners.
Not content to rest on the laurels of their 2010 TAS Product of the Year award for the Hydra V-Ray II power conditioner, Shunyata Research is now shipping two completely new designs, 10 years in development - the Hydra Talos ($2995) and the Hydra Triton ($4995).

Under the cover both of these new line conditioners are physically dominated by sealed tubes that isolate each conductor and distribute its electrical field over a larger area. These tubes can be seen in the photo above, which is taken from an Audiobeat show report, and are unique to this design. But the even bigger new development may be their new filtration elements which eliminate all capacitors in favor of a multi-element array of microfilters, with each of the 30 filters targeting specific noise components generated by the power supplies in typical components.

The main difference between the two models is that the Talos has 6 outlets, while the Triton has 8 outlets, and larger tube arrays. Like all Hydra products, these new models feature a non-current-limiting design for lightning fast transient response.

You can read more technical information on the Shunyata website. From a user perspective we can assure you that the Talos and Triton are a big step forward for Shunyata Research, even over the award-winning Hydras, and highly recommended. Audition through the Library!


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