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New William Tell ZERO Speaker Cables from Audioquest

New William Tell ZERO Speaker Cables from Audioquest
New William Tell ZERO Speaker Cables from Audioquest

The William Tell ZERO,  released in the first quarter, is the first trickle down speaker cable incorporating Audioquest's new Zero technology. 

 Audioquest launched the top three speaker cable models incorporating their new ZERO technology - ZERO Characteristic Impedance for Uncompressed Current Transfer - late in 2018. From the top down these are:

Dragon Zero
FireBird Zero
ThunderBird Zero
...along with companion Bass cables for BiWiring. 

Now the first of two additional, more affordable model names incorporating this same technology, this first one called William Tell ZERO, is available. Basically William Tell ZERO just uses fewer of AQ's PSC+ Copper conductors to greatly reduce the overall cost. 

All other tech is the same as in the more expensive models:

• ZERO Technology: No Characteristic Impedance for Uncompressed Current Transfer

• Solid Perfect-Surface Conductors

• Carbon-based Linear Noise-Dissipation Technologies

• DBS: 72V Dielectric-Bias System

ZERO Technology:

These ZERO designs are focused on addressing one of the most vexing issues plaguing speaker cable design: the mismatch between the amplifier’s source

impedance and the speaker’s load impedance. By eliminating the speaker cable’s characteristic impedance (ie. ZERO Technology), current compression and distortion of the signal/current transient

are significantly reduced. The result is much improved dynamic contrast, transient response, and bass slam because the cable is not electrically impeding the music.

Like the larger-gauge Dragon, FireBird and ThunderBird cables, William Tell ZERO can be used Full-Range, or in combination with a dedicated BASS cable, as a fully optimized BiWire Combination cable.


The new ZERO designs are clearly and obviously a big step up from ALL prior Audioquest speaker cables with clearer, more open sound, both more detailed and more relaxed, together with better imaging and dynamic contrasts.

Available soon for in-home audition through The Cable Library.

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