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New VAC Sigma 170i Integrated Amp

New VAC Sigma 170i Integrated Amp
New VAC Sigma 170i Integrated Amp

There were some mammoth systems in bigass rooms powered by six figure stacks of big, beautiful VAC Sigma iQ amps, but what repeatedly caught my eye was, in some of the very good-sounding more modest systems, there at the heart was a brand new VAC integrated amp, model Sigma 170i, which at just under $9990  is a major pricing breakthrough for a VAC "Sigma iQ" design.

This 85 watt stereo, class A triode unit incorporates VAC's patented iQ auto-biasing circuit which "...holds the true idle point of the output tubes perfectly steady under all conditions, increasing the detail and dynamics, lowering distortion and noise, prolonging tube life and protecting the amplifier."

The unit boasts 2 x Gold Lion KT88's per channel, a remote control, 4 inputs, preamp/subwoofer outputs, a cinema bypass for home theater, and options for a balanced input, and also for MM/MC phono stage (as pictured), but most importantly it sings!

Nothing on the internet so far to refer you to for more info, but very impressive.

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