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New Purist Enhancer USB in Addition to LP and CD Versions. Save $50 on each!

New Purist Enhancer USB in Addition to LP and CD Versions. Save $50 on each!
New Purist Enhancer USB in Addition to LP and CD Versions. Save $50 on each!

Just last month we featured the Purist Enhancer CD and LP versions, and I wrote about the special value of these enhancers as a system warm up tool. Now Purist has developed a USB version for computer audio based systems.

This month we are offering $50 off on your choice of Enhancer LP, CD, or USB!

The System Enhancer Technology
Since 1993 PAD has offered System Enhancer CD’s to condition all components (speakers, cables, and electronics) in the system by removing molecular stresses and residual magnetism. These discs are great both for burning in, and also reconditioning components, which over time will get electrically "distorted" due to the multiple electromagnetic fields in close proximity to each other which we find in an audio system.


The System Enhancer for Warm Up
But I recently came to realize another valuable application for these discs: accelerated system warm-up. If you, like me, don't keep your system turned on all the time (tubes!), you probably build in a warm up period at the beginning of each listening session. This is especially an issue for an LP listener like me because even if the electronics are warm, the cartridge is stone cold until I play some LP's. I find it is actually a couple hours into a listening session before the system really starts sounding its best. That is until I started playing the Purist Enhancer LP during system warm-up. I don't sit and listen to these test tones and signal sweeps, but I usually would turn on the system and go have dinner or some such anyway. Now when I return to the room the system is really ready to sing, and so my listening pleasure (and yes, often the component / cable / accessory evaluations) can begin right away.

This year Purist released their first System Enhancer LP with intensified algorithms and a demagnetizing section resulting in enhanced air and transparency, richer harmonics and improved dynamic contrasts from your cartridge, tonearm and tonearm cables, phono stages and the rest of your system and cables. 
Regular price $175, on special now for just $125!


And for CD-based systems, the latest Luminist version of the Purist Audio Designs System Enhancer CD, by using tones and signals at optimal frequencies and amplitudes, also reduces the break-in time for new components, and conditions all components (speakers, cables, and electronics) to “open up” the system to perform to its full potential. Regular price $150; special offer $99.

And now for computer-based systems, announcing the Luminist USB System Enhancer

Retail $150; special offer $99.

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