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New from Synergistic Research

New from Synergistic Research
New from Synergistic Research

The complete new "Maximalist" top end Galileo SX series from Synergistic Research will turn heads, and served a fine-sounding system in Denver. Anxious to get them into the Library! The geometries and materials are complex, and in addition to the use of Graphene, the use of which SR has pioneered in cable design, the Galileo SX incorporates the materials treatments developed for their top end Blue Fuses,  $149.95 ea.). Adapting tech from a fuse seems a little strange... until you try these fuses!

Galileo SX Pricing:

Speaker Cables
$17,500 / 8 foot

Interconnect Cables
$7,500 / 1 meter RCA
$9,500 / 1 meter XLR

Power Cables
$6,000 / 5 foot

Digital Interconnect Cables
$2,995 / 1 meter SPDIF$3,495 / 1 meter AES/EBU

USB Cable
$2,995 / 1 meter

Ethernet Cable
$2,995 / 1 meter

Phono Cable

$4,995 / 1.25 meter

Room Acoustics:
Synergistic also showed off white options for  the Atmosphere XL4 ($3495) and Black Box  ($1995), and an upgrade to their FEQ, which will become the FEQ X4 (still $995), all available in November.

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