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New Bybee Active Room Neutralizers and Quantum Signal Enhancers

New Bybee Active Room Neutralizers and Quantum Signal Enhancers
New Bybee Active Room Neutralizers and Quantum Signal Enhancers

We have always held that room acoustics (along with speaker placement) has an enormous impact on the overall sound that any audio system can produce, or more accurately RE-produce. Unlike headphone systems (we have a lot of headphones!) in which the acoustic space is defined and consistent, a home stereo plays in a uniquely dimensioned room/space with all sorts of reflective and absorptive surfaces that interact with the sound from the speakers. 

To that end we have recommended various effective room acoustic products like Synergistic Research's HFT's ($299/5 pack), FEQ ($995), Atmosphere Series ($1495-$3495), and ART system ($3515), as well as the Stein Music Harmonizers (from $2395) and the various products from Room Tunes ($40-$600), and the Shakti Hallographs ($1695/pr).

There are many ways to affect the acoustics in a listening room from absorption products like ASC Tube Traps (starting at $380) to digitalized room correction systems like the DSPeaker Systems Anti-Mode Dual Core ($999 on special). No one single product or treatment can be the perfect solution for every system, and many times using combinations of products can yield the best results of all. But sometimes room/acoustic products don’t play well together, which is why we try as many combinations as possible. 

We introduced the unique Bybee approach with their original Room Neutralizers ($2000/set of 8) in our September 2015 newsletter. Bybee has now enhanced and simplified this very effective product with their new Active Room Neutralizers ($1300/set of 2). We tried these in our listening room(s) and were very impressed with the results. The Active Room Neutralizers are designed to be placed about 4 feet up from the floor in the center of the wall behind the speaker and the center of the wall behind the listener. They simply plug into any available AC outles and do not need conditioned power.

How do they work? 
According to the manufacturer, "the technology is designed to resonate at the same frequency as the Carbon 13 atom, which is less than 2% of all atoms. This action creates a "magnetic moment" which in turn effects all surrounding atoms making them aligned. The result is more efficient electrons. C13 atoms are present in the the air, and when the surrounding atoms are aligned, the air molecules are less attenuated, allowing sound to travel in the air space at greater efficiency."

OK - that is over our CableCo heads, but what we CAN tell you is that they do in fact work, and work very well.

We are not the only ones that think so - check out the review of the Active Room Neutralizers in the Stereo Times article for additional insights and comments. 

Available in our Cable Library for home audition/evaluation. We have a lot of experience in room acoustics solutions, so give us a call and we can get you started in the right direction. Remember - improved room acoustics ALWAYS translates into better sound.

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