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Nearly $500 Worth of Free Two Component Upgrade for Isotek Genesis One AC Regenerator

by IsoTek (Specials)

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A little further up the food chain, we have experience with quite a few different AC regenerators over the years. One thing we have learned is that this technology works best at the component level, and because  the costs involved with AC regeneration increase significantly as you boost the output, this approach is best applied to lower power components: analog and digital front ends in particular. 

The Isotek Genesis One ($2995) is an AC regenerator which constructs an new, noise free, fully-balanced sine wave with stable 60Hz output to a single outlet for use with a component needing up to 100 watts of AC. But the source components which are targeted by this sort of line conditioning typically draw well under 50 watts, so why not give us 2 outlets?

Why not, indeed.

Now through the end of July when you purchase the Genesis One we are including at no extra charge an Isotek Gemini  ($295) with an additional Premier power cable ($195) so that you can convert the Genesis One to power two devices. This way you can have perfectly clean power for both your Turntable and Phono preamp, or run this set-up for your CD player and DAC, or DAC and Streamer.

NOTE: this offer only applies to the Genesis One Basic, which has no LED power display. Omitting the LED display saves you $500 with this product allowing us to keep the investment under $3k.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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Nearly $500 Worth of Free Two Component Upgrade for Isotek Genesis One AC Regenerator

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