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Mytek Electronics

Mytek Electronics
Mytek Electronics

Our earliest interest in Mytek came about because of the superb headphone sections built into their products. With their 6 watts of output they can drive the hardest to drive headphones. They are worth the cost of admission as companions for the top headphones even if you ignore the rest of what these Mytek products can do.

But in addition to being top shelf headphone DAC/Amps, both the Brooklyn+ ($2195) and Manhattan DAC II ($5995) can also serve as high quality full system preamplifiers with both XLR and RCA outputs and including MM/MC phono stages (optional on the Manhattan).

Or strip out many of the features other than the DAC, headphone amp, and a single pair of RCA outputs and voilà you have the over-achieving $995 Liberty DAC

While participating this month as a sponsor for The Cable Company's Summer Against Hunger, Mytek has also been running their own charitable program donating 10% of the sales of all Mytek products to charities on the front line of the pandemic in NYC. To help support their efforts The Cable Company continues to donate an additional 10% of our Mytek sales to this effort. 

Put it all together and your Cable Company purchases of Mytek products in August will generate 100% donations to CARE plus another 20% in donations to Covid-19 relief programs in NYC. Think about it.

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