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Mytek Donates 10% of Sales to Fighting the Pandemic in NYC - CableCo Matches It.

by Mytek (Specials)


New York-based Mytek, is donating 10% of the sales of all products to charities on the front line of the crisis in NYC. To help support their efforts, The Cable Company will donate an additional 10% of our Mytek sales to this effort.

Best known for their unusually flexible Brooklyn+ ($2195) and Manhattan DAC II ($5995) DAC's (with a difference - see below), Mytek also offers a high quality streamer, a companion amplifier for the Brooklyn+ DAC, and a first class A to D converter, an outgrowth of their studio engineering roots, and among the very best tools for anyone looking to upload their vinyl collection to a hard drive.

Our earliest interest in Mytek came about because of the outstanding headphone sections built into their products, and you know how we feel about headphones! With their 6 watts of output they can drive the hardest to drive headphones.

But in addition to being top shelf headphone DAC/Amps, both the Brooklyn+ and Manhattan DAC II can also serve as high quality preamplifiers with both XLR and RCA outputs and including MM/MC phono stages (optional on the Manhattan).

Or strip out many of the features other than the DAC, headphone amp, and an additional single pair of RCA outputs and voilà, you have the over-achieving $995 Liberty DAC.

Visit this link to learn more about the Mytek fundraiser.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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Mytek Donates 10% of Sales to Fighting the Pandemic in NYC - CableCo Matches It.

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