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Musical Surroundings' Analog Collection

Musical Surroundings' Analog Collection
Musical Surroundings' Analog Collection

We are excited to welcome back analog specialists, Musical Surroundings, to the 2020 Summer Against Hunger. They bring us an impressive array of analog brands as 100% Sponsors, so 100% of your investment with The Cable Company in these brands in August goes to CARE:

Hana Cartridges
DS Audio
Musical Surroundings

A thumbnail on each to inspire your further research and discussions:

Clearaudio is a decades old leader in innovative analog products including some of the finest turntables and phono cartridges ever produced. In particular the high value Concept models offer packages including arm and cartridge ranging from $1800 to $3600, or step up to the impressive Innovation models starting at $6400. Clearaudio also offers a wide range of analog accessories and LP cleaning systems.

Hana, which has become one of the true high value stars in analog reproduction with their outstanding series of moving coil cartridges in the $475 to $1200 range, has announced their first super high end design called Umami Red ($3950 available for preorder; shipping late Sept.). Based on what they have done with their more affordable designs we are very excited to hear what they can accomplish in a statement design.

DS Audio is one of the most innovative audio brands having developed an entirely new way - the optical cartridge - to decode our precious vinyl. Each of their 4 models come in packages (ranging from $2750 to $22,500) which include a dedicated DS Audio preamp/equalizer so no other external phono stage is needed. To learn more about this tech we recommend the recent review by Jonathan Valin in the absolute sound.

  Other outside the box products from DS Audio include their effective ST-50 Stylus Cleaner ($80) and their cutting edge Vinyl Ionizer ($1800).

Musical Surroundings also offers under their own brand name two high value phono stages designed by Michael Yee, the Phonomena II+ ($750) and the Nova III ($1500), both upgradeable using Michael's dedicated Linear Power Supply ($650).

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