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Latest Upgrades from Abyss

Latest Upgrades from Abyss
Latest Upgrades from Abyss

In addition to the scheduled release of the new "Phi" version of the Abyss Diana ($2995 standard, $3995 Phi version) - a magnificent upgrade to the Diana - an unexpected release at the first quarter's CanJam Show in NYC was a new "TC" version of the top line Abyss AB-1266, now called "AB-1266 Phi TC" (from $4995). We believe the level of performance achieved by the new driver elements also caught the designer and manufacturer somewhat by surprise, and they pulled out the stops to bring this upgrade to market ASAP.

The new TC drivers bump up what we had considered this headphone's state-of-the-art resolution and bass definition and speed quite a bit. The clarity level to the source is even more impressive further elevating the sound reproduction of the AB-1266 over anything else on the market.

The latest Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC is now available for in-home audition through The Cable Library.

We also have the standard Diana available, and expect the Diana Phi soon.

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