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Latest Review on the Furutech NCF Boosters

Latest Review on the Furutech NCF Boosters
Latest Review on the Furutech NCF Boosters

We wanted to let you know that Furutech's unique NCF-Boosters have received an exhaustive review on EnjoytheMusic.com. More than just cable lifts - an important function in and of itself - these are fantastic accessories that will add depth, richness, articulation, bass impact, and an extra degree of dimensionality to any revealing system, no matter the components. Not to be overlooked.

Available in two versions, the round top "NCF Booster Connector and Cable Holder" ($350) is best used to grip the wall plug and or IEC connector of your power cords, improving the alignment between the connectors and the sockets while the NCF (Nano Crystal Formula) material eliminates static and converts thermal energy into far infrared. 

The flat top "NCF Booster-Signal Cable Riser and RCA/XLR Stabilizer" ($215) is used with interconnects and speaker cables to get the cables out of the electro- mechanical haze at floor level, while the NCF material - nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder - contributes their additional piezoelectric damping properties.

The ultimate cable isolation devices. We encourage you to try at home with a borrow from The Cable Library

For more take a look at this video on our Youtube Channel.

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