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iRack Premium System with Cable Set

by ifi Audio

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iRack  See. Hear.

Attaining maximum clarity in your music is a labour of love, it’s why you buy the micro and nano products we offer.

But don’t you wish you could stack your latest units and smarten up your listening station?

Problem solved.

Get smart.

Got a micro stack, a nano stack or a mixture of both? Do you want to show off your personalised desktop set-up?

What better way than with the iRack?

The iRack is tailored to fit every iFi unit perfectly, and it’s clever enough to enhance your listening experience.

Hearing is believing.

A shelving unit with the ability to improve the quality of your music?

iRack. Hearing is believing.

The tech spec.

Wait – it enhances your listening experience? How?

Easy… it’s made with some pretty neat stuff, including:

  • Non-magnetic stainless steel pillars
  • Micro vibration control
  • Resonance-dampened organic glass shelves
  • Natural rubber ‘O’ rings for sound dampening
  • Precision-machined spikes with matching cups

They help cut down vibration and reverb to provide an even smoother musical experience.

- Each shelf is resonance-damped.  The slots offer not only exceptional form but fabulous function, minimising microphonics and also for securing each micro/nano unit.

- Precision-machined spikes with matching cups for best isolation.  Developed with assistance from Track Audio, the precision-machined spikes and cups are adjustable to ensure perfect stability and mechanical drain.

- Solid stainless-steel with natural rubber O-rings for aesthetics and damping.  Solid-stainless steel for timeless looks and minimum resonance.  The O-rings protect the columns and the iFi component from coming into contact with each other.

- Copper RCA cable system. The iRack Premium ships with a cable pure copper loom for wiring the “Ultimate Big Rig.”  The RCA cable loom ships with 1 pair of RCA pure copper interconnects (length: 43cm) and 2 pairs of RCA pure copper interconnects (length: 20cm). There is also a ribbon 3.5mm > 3.5mm cable for connection to the headphone output of a smart device.


  • Shelves: 4
  • Dimensions: 150mm (l) x 95mm (w) x 139mm (h)
  • Weight: iRack: 0.48kg. Shipped: 0.87kg

iRack Premium System

As above but with additional OHFC continuous cast copper RCA cable set.

  • 1 pair of OFC Pure Copper RCA Interconnects (Length: 43cm)
  • 2 pair of OFC Pure Copper RCA Interconnects (Length: 20cm)
  • 1 audio signal cable 3.5mm > 3.5mm (Length: 15cm.)
  • Weight: iRack: 0.48kg. (Shipped: 0.99kg)

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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iFi Audio iRack Premium System with Cable Set


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