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The Orchestral series of interconnects, speaker cables, digital cables, and power cords premiers the newest cable designs from High Fidelity Cables. Using the powerful "Helix" magnetic waveguide system, 3x as powerful as that which has been used in the previous "Ultimate" series, and comparable to what they have been building into their Professional and Elite Series cost-no-object cables, Orchestral also adds a new wire geometry and gel-based vibration damping. Hardly inexpensive, but the Orchestral Series brings a new level of performance under $10k.

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For each cable category there are two Orchestral models: Orchestral Helix and Orchestral Double Helix Signature at an approximately 50% premium. The more expensive Double-Signature version uses an even more highly evolved (and much more expensive) magnetic waveguide system and the manufacturer's own nano-based contact enhancer on the internal connections to lower resistance.

What is Magnetic Conduction?
High Fidelity Cables' designer describes magnetic conduction "...as a new, patented form of conduction implementing specially arranged magnetic fields to concentrate the signal within the conductor. The electrons of the audio signal have a quantum spin which gives them their "magnetic moment" or charge. It's this charge which allows the electrons to react with magnetic fields. So if we use a magnetic conductor instead of a regular conductor, we can guide the electrons (the audio signal) through the conductor in a very precise way to reduce distortion and signal loss."

For information on the tech we recommend taking a look at these videos.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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Intro Special on High Fidelity Cables new Orchestral Series Cables: Save 25% using Discount Code NEW25.

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