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Harmonic Resolution Systems

Harmonic Resolution Systems
Harmonic Resolution Systems
As a premier brand in component isolation and maker of some of the most lust-worthy audio racks on the market, HRS offers unparalleled materials science knowledge and their experience also gives them unrivaled flexibility in their manufacturing processes and the ability to tackle unique and possibly overlooked projects. 

HRS's racks and platforms are generally premium-priced, but their newest isolation platform breaks the $1k barrier. The E1 Isolation Base is manufactured from four different materials including a proprietary resonance control stage, billet machined aircraft quality aluminum front trim, and a new HRS constrained layer damping resin composite plinth. The E1 load range is matched to the component weight for maximum performance using the same technology found in their reference level designs. 

Price: only $995 for either the 19" x 17" or 19" x 21" sizes!

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