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Harbeth Loudspeakers and Ton Trager Stands

Harbeth Loudspeakers and Ton Trager Stands
Harbeth Loudspeakers and Ton Trager Stands

Harbeth has just released the successor series to their acclaimed 40th Anniversary models. This new "XD" (for Xtended Definition) series is an evolution of the changes they made for the Anniversary editions of each of their speakers. In fact the Anniversary series used relatively few of the parts from the standard series, and that is also the case in the new XD models. These are available for order now with some models and finishes immediately available, others are on the way.

The pint-sized P3ESR XD ($3290/pr) is an improved take on the legendary LS3/5A. Completely redesigned for the XD Series, Harbeth promises this to be one of the most ground-breaking speakers they have ever created.

The extremely popular Compact 7ES-3 XD ($4390/pr) is essentially the same speaker, but super-sized in both physical and performance respects with the larger mid/woofer delivering greater dynamic range and extended bandwidth. Exhibiting the amazing 3D soundstaging characteristics of its smaller sibling, this medium-sized monitor offers remarkable performance, and among those on the Harbeth design team can be considered a house favorite.

A refined version of the original BBC mid-size LS5/9 speaker, many have considered the earlier versions of the Monitor 30's the ultimate music lover's speaker, though it is equally at home in the recording studio. The latest M30.2 XD ($6690/pr) offers even better integration between the drivers, a clean and powerful low end, and smooth and detailed highs.

Many have contended that the Super HL5's are the highest value proposition in the Harbeth line offering near reference level performance in a modestly sized and priced package. The newest SHL5plus XD ($7990/pr) uses the same, remarkable bass/mid driver as the M30.2 HD and adds a SuperTweeter to extend the top end frequency response.

And then there is the new M40.3 XD ($18990/pr). For those who accept nothing less than perfection, we present the new XD version of Harbeth’s flagship Monitor 40, which achieves a new level of performance from this music-lovers' long term reference. 

While on the topic of Harbeth, we should mention the Ton Trager speaker stands, which have become known as the best upgrade stands you can purchase for the Harbeth speakers. These wooden artisanal speaker stands are specifically designed for each of the Harbeth models and bring out the best performance from these speakers. 

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