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Half Price Closeout on Original Wireworld Starlight Ethernet Cables!

by Wireworld Cable Technology (Specials)

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Wireworld's Starlight has been one of our "go to" high performance Ethernet cables since originally released in late 2016. Wireworld has now released a 2nd generation Starlight Ethernet using higher density triple-layer shields and a different insulation to squeeze the maximum performance out of the Starlight design. But this also gives YOU a half price opportunity on the remaining stock of their original Starlight Ethernet cables.

Stock is limited. Currently available:

Starlight Ethernet

1.0m:  reg. $210, now only $105

2.0m:  reg. $270, now only $135

3.0m:  reg. $330, now only $165

5.0m:  reg. $450, now only $225

(A few longer length cables are also available. If you need longer, please ask.)

Let's get technical: 

Why do Ethernet cables affect sound and picture quality?

Normal file transfers use TCP protocol, which is quite reliable because it resends any missing data until all errors are corrected. But TCP is not used for streaming because resending would interrupt the signal. That's why media streaming uses UDP protocol, which sends data only once. UDP is a less reliable protocol because it can only reduce errors enough to prevent "noises" that would otherwise be caused by data losses. UDP streaming signals have only one chance to get through, and as a result Ethernet cabling is very critical.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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Half Price Closeout on Original Wireworld Starlight Ethernet Cables!

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