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Guest report: Comparing High Fidelity Cables MC-1 PRO and MC-1 PRO Helix+

Guest report: Comparing High Fidelity Cables MC-1 PRO and MC-1 PRO Helix+
Guest report: Comparing High Fidelity Cables MC-1 PRO and MC-1 PRO Helix+

High Fidelity Cables released their MC-1 Pro ($1599) parallel line conditioner late in 2018. Early this year they sent us a sample of an enhanced version called MC-1 Pro Helix+ ($2699). Requiring significantly longer burn in time (at least 400 hours), the designer promised even more of what we were hearing from the "Base" MC-1 Pro.

As we like to do from time to time to verify and expand on our own testing, we sent both the MC-1 Pro and the new Helix+ version to one of our reliable listeners, a long term customer with a very high end and well-tuned music system, who, as it happens, I (Robert) have actually known since we both got interested in audio in high school more than a few years ago. His listening notes follow:

"After another week of burn-in I think I can get a read on the Helix, but first some thoughts on the Base MC-1 Pro.

For me, the MC-1 effect was easiest to hear if the MC-1 was plugged into a high quality AC extension strip with the component(s) plugged in alongside. Whether the power strip was plugged directly into the wall or into a power conditioner I could still hear the effect of the MC-1. The benefit of an MC-1 was probably a bit less obvious if the power strip was plugged into a good power conditioner.

What did the MC-1 effect sound like? Whether the AC was powering an analog component like an amplifier, or a digital component like a PC or a router, an MC-1 seems to “coalesce” the music, improving the phase reproduction. This improved the imaging and sound staging and, by “bringing the music together”, the sound was more lifelike. 

I even heard this effect when I put an MC-1 on the AC line powering just a computer and a router. I’ve never heard a powerline improvement make such a difference on those kinds of components.

MC-1 vs. Helix version:

As for the MC-1 vs the MC-1 Helix, the difference I hear between those two is one of magnitude, not kind. With the MC-1 Helix, the coalescing/ordering of the music occurs to a greater degree. 

I think you might be most interested in some estimate from me on how much more effective the Helix model is compared to the Base MC-1. Well, I would say it depends on where the MC-1 is placed. Placed optimally next to a component whose AC source is not already highly conditioned, I would say the Helix has 2X the effect of the Base MC-1. 

One example for me was using the MC-1 on the wall outlet where the Integrated amp (D’Agostino) for my system was plugged. Without any MC-1, the lack of any power conditioning caused good recordings to sound flat, diffuse and poorly differentiated. Adding a Base MC-1 causes the individual images within the music to coalesce, but it was the MC-1 Helix+ which caused the sound stage to really expand three dimensionally. The separation of the musical elements also delivered cleaner more powerful bass and dynamics."

- Michael M.

"P.S. I can tell you my listening partner is honestly amazed that she could consistently hear such changes in her favorite recordings from only the insertion of these strangle little devices."

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