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Galileo Universal Speaker Cell

by Synergistic Research (Used)


Original Price:  $2500

Condition: Very Good-  Original box.

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With Galileo Universal Speaker Cells, you hear an extraordinary balance of musicality, detail, and refinement. In fact, the new Galileo Universal Speaker Cells elevate even modest speaker cables to near state-of-the-art status, while taking state-of-the-art speaker cables like our TESLA Precision Reference and Apex to a significant new level of holographic realism, power, and finesse. When fully broken in, we’ve heard Galileo Universal Speaker Cells transform our TESLA Accelerator speaker cables to a level far beyond what is possible from our flagship TESLA Apex speaker cables alone. Of course, TESLA Apex is likewise improved, but we are still very excited by what Galileo Universal Speaker Cells can do for entry and mid level cables. In fact, when we terminated a pair of Nordost Valhalla speaker wires to a pair of Galileo Speaker Cells, we were blown away. Later, we compared this combination to Nordost’s top-of-the-line Odin speaker cables, and the Valhalla / Galileo combo outclassed the far more expensive Odin (without Galileo). Improvements included a larger soundstage, better bottom end, and a more natural mid-range. We expect this trend to continue as we pair Galileo with other top line cables from different manufacturers.

Galileo Universal Speaker Cells are a spin-off of our state-of-the-art Galileo Speaker Cables and Electromagnetic Cell technology found in the TESLA PowerCell. To optimize the performance of Galileo Universal Speaker Cells, we experimented with a myriad of conductor options for it’s internal electromagnetic cell, and developed a strategic blend of copper (for mid range warmth and layering) and silver (for high frequency purity and air), with a Teflon dielectric for clarity, precision, and power. Performance is enhanced, with included razor sharp Stiletto spikes that elevate the internal Active EM Cell from the floor, for a dramatic increase in air and image separation in the soundfield (to verify, simply listen to your cells with and without Stilettos attached). Each Galileo Universal Cell is handmade and Quantum Tunneled in our California factory to ensure quality and performance. In order to bring Galileo to as wide an audience as possible, we include a special Quantum Tunneled speaker cable, voiced just for Galileo Cable Cells: the Galileo BASIK. So if Galileo is your first high end speaker cable, you’ll have the perfect speaker cable to use with your new Galileo Universal Speaker Cells.

Galileo SC Cell 5 Way view inactiveInstalling Galileo Speaker Cells in your system is easy

5-way view w powerFirst plug the power connector into the Cell

Galileo SC 5Way view active+speaker cableNext connect your speaker cable’s spade or banana plugs to the Galileo’s 5-way binding posts

Galileo SC Cell Full RangeFinally, connect one set of Galileo Speaker Leads for full range speakers

Galileo SC Cell Bi-WireFor bi-wire speakers, connect two sets of Galileo Speaker Leads

Single Galileo Speaker Cell Tri-WireL1090263For tri-wire speakers, connect three sets of Galileo Speaker Leads

Galileo SC Cell connected to speaker 600 x 600You are now ready to enjoy the benefits of Galileo Universal Speaker Cells in your system

Galileo Universal Speaker Cell Kit Specifications:

    Active EM Cells:

    Count- 2 Active EM Cells

    Internal Conductor Material- Copper/ Trace Silver Alloy, Pure Silver

    Chassis Material- Acrylic

    Connectors- Cardas 5-way binding posts, Banana


    Silver Matrix Conductor, Modified Polyethylene dielectric

    Connectors- Spade or Bananna

    Speaker Leads:

    Galileo Basik with gold spade (or gold bananna) to speaker , bananna connector to EM Cell

    Standard Length- 16 inches. Optional 32 inch and 48 inch leads available.

    Cable Count:

    Each Pair of Galileo Universal Speaker Cells come standard with 2 pair of Galileo Basik leads to run from Galileo Universal Cell to speakers. Additional leads for bi-wire and tri-wire speakers are available at additional cost.

    Power Supply:

    1 Standard MPC

    2 x 2.5 Meter Extension Leads

    Build Notes:

    Hand built in our California factory

    34 point-to-point hand soldered connections

    Build time: 1.25 day

    2-step Quantum Tunneling Process

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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