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FREE Myrtlewood Blocks with Cardas Clear Cables in February

by Cardas Audio (Special)


FREE Myrtlewood Blocks with Cardas Clear Cables in February

Cardas Myrtlewood Blocks (reg. from $50/6) are made from Myrtle trees which grow only in Southwestern Oregon. Sold in sets of 6 they come in small and large sizes and have a wide range of audio uses as component and cable supports. In February with your purchase of any Clear Series cables (Clear Sky to Clear Beyond) we will include a set FREE set of small blocks, or pay just $10 for a large set.

To order, contact us, or order online by putting Cardas Clear Cables in your cart together with one set of small or large Myrtlewood Blocks for each PAIR of interconnects or speaker cables, or for each SINGLE power cord or digital cable, and we will credit you $50 for each relevant credit. Then we will confirm all back to you by email.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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