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FREE High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 with Purchase of MC-0.5 Helix+

FREE High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 with Purchase of MC-0.5 Helix+
FREE High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 with Purchase of  MC-0.5 Helix+

The best-selling and highest value products in the High Fidelity Cables extensive catalog are the MC-0.5 ($299) and MC-0.5 Helix+ ($599) series of "hand held" AC line conditioners. And now in August when you purchase the Helix+ version, you will get an additional, standard MC-0.5 for FREE - a $299 savings.

These devices offer powerful and cumulative improvements to your AC power. Both devices work at any voltage.  Both make use of High Fidelity Cables patented Magnetic Conduction technology. To learn more about the tech, take a look at the manufacturer's series of videos.

The new MC-0.5 Helix+ takes the core MC-0.5 technology another step up. Helix+ refers to a method of aligning the lines of flux that are produced by the magnets. Basically everything that the MC-0.5 does, the MC-0.5 Helix+ does better. It further improves speed and attack. It has even better sound staging and imaging characteristics. The best description, and what really matters, is the elevated level of realism in the music reproduction.


Using the standard MC-0.5 in the same system with the MC-0.5 Helix + adds an extra boost of pure magnetic power for the added authority that magnetic conduction can offer to your music system. With the combo you simply get more magnetism, and this helps to bring more life to your music reproduction. 

The two versions of the MC-0.5 modules are the least expensive way to add Magnetic Conduction to your AC. Both of these devices plug into unused outlets and operate in parallel to the AC cables running to your components. They can be used individually, or, as we suggest, in combination to enhance the cumulative effect. At audio shows High Fidelity Cables will employ dozens of these devices to tame the unruly AC in the hotels and convention centers. 

This is the best opportunity to introduce YOUR system to the impact of the MC-0.5 and MC-0.5 Helix+ modules, while supporting our August's fundraiser for CARE. 

In August for $599 you get BOTH versions of the MC-0.5 and CARE also gets $599. Great combo!

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