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FREE Ground Cable or MiG 2.0 Footers with Synergistic Tranquility Pod Purchases in October

by Synergistic Research (Specials)

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Basically a scaled down version of their Tranquility Base isolation platform which sits under the electronics to condition the component's electromagnetic fields, the Tranquility PODl ($749) at only 6" square and 1" tall sits on top of your component for more placement flexibility.


Every trace on every printed circuit board, every wire that carries signal or electricity, every capacitor, every resistor, and every integrated circuit, transistor or vacuum tube, all create their own EM fields. These fields interact with each other to distort the music signal. The Tranquility Base concept neutralizes harmful EM fields through an inductive Active EM CELL to balance and stabilize EM fields within components. The result is more efficient signal transfer with a measurable increase in dynamic headroom. 

But not all systems and/or budgets have the space available for a Tranquility Base platform, hence SR's development of the smaller and easier to place Tranquility POD. Highly recommended!

Now in October we have two FREE offers to choose from when purchasing the Tranquility POD. If you are making use of one of Synergistic's awesome Ground Block systems you can get a free 1.25m HD Ground Cable (value $395) with your Tranquility POD purchase. Or you can take a free set of their MiG 2.0 footers (value $250).  

To take advantage of either free offer, just call in, or order on-line, your Tranquility POD and let us know which freebie you prefer either by adding to your shopping cart or just mention in the comments box. We will adjust the order as needed and will confirm all to you by email within the next business day.

Note: no limit on this offer. Each additional Tranquility POD gets you another freebie!

Recommended for in-home audition through The Cable Company Library.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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FREE Ground Cable or MiG 2.0 Footers with Synergistic Tranquility Pod Purchases in October

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