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FREE Cardas 4181 Duplex Outlet with Clear Series Power Cord Purchases in March

by Cardas Audio (Special)


Cardas Audio's excellent duplex AC outlet, called 4181US ($150) features copper contacts plated with rhodium over silver for improved electrical contact and current transfer. Strong grip tension provides solid contact and excellent plug retention for heavy audiophile AC cables. And for the month of March only, one of these outstanding, blue-colored wall outlets is FREE with purchase of any Clear Series power cord, Clear Cygnus (from $370) up to Clear Beyond XL (from $2050). Only one free outlet per customer.

Most users will simply drop in this duplex as a direct replacement for the standard outlets in the wall and voila, better sound and happy faces.

But if you prefer, the top and bottom outlets can also be either completely electrically isolated from each other (eg. for two dedicated lines running to one duplex to allow one circuit, say, for analog and the other for digital) and/or you could isolate the ground to only the grounding pin (and not the backstrap) with the easy removal of just 2 screws. This configuration allows for an insulated, isolated ground setup which is the ultimate for lowering the noise floor.

A great sounding outlet to upgrade your AC starting at the wall, and FREE in March with purchase of a Clear Series power cord. Just add a 4181US outlet to your order at the regular $150 price. We will deduct it right back out (no discount code necessary) when we process the order and confirm all to you by email.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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FREE Cardas 4181 Duplex Outlet with Clear Series Power Cord Purchases in March!

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