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FP-800B(G) Short Binding Post (Set of 2)

by Furutech (Used)


Original Price:  $100

Condition:  Excellent - New in box.  Discontinued model.

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  • Good: 1 or 2 minor flaws, used but well maintained (6-7/10).

  • Fair: 3 or 4 minor flaws, or 1 major scratch, appears used (5/10).

These units are 230V version with Shuko outlets, and currently Australian AC Wall Plug on AC Cord. Can be reterminated to either Shuko or US plugs at no additional charge. 

Audience aR2p-Euro offers RF noise filtration, overload protection and transient suppression and comes with a short captive cord.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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  • FP-800B(G) Short Binding Post (Set of 2)

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