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Focal Headphones and New Arche DAC/Amp

Focal Headphones and New Arche DAC/Amp
Focal Headphones and New Arche DAC/Amp

Focal ranks near the top of many listeners' lists for high performance headphones. 

The incredible Utopia ($3999) is a true reference level open back headphone, and the Stellia (pictured: $2999) may well be the best closed-back design available.

For under $2k the Focal Clear's are the headphones to beat, while for closed-back secluded listening for under $1000, the Elegia's ($899) are the standard setters.

New last year, Focal's first headphone DAC/amp, called Arche ($2499), developed for Focal by Micromega. Arche includes presets to ideally match electrically to every set of Focal headphones. The amplifier circuitry is a pure Class A, dual mono design with each channel pushing 1 watt. The Arche DAC section contains two balanced AK 4490 converters each with a dedicated regulated power supply. These converters will process 384kHz PCM format signals as well as DSD 256.

The Arche is available at special pricing when purchased together with any of the three headphones mentioned above, and for those of you who already own Utopia, Stellia or Clear headphones, the Arche is currently available at $1000 off savings. Contact us for details.

Purchase any new Focal products in August from The Cable Company and CARE will get a dollar for dollar, 100% contribution! August’s Summer Against Hunger fundraiser may be best time to consider that reference headphone rig that you have been dreaming of.

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