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Focal Clear Trade-in Offer - save $500!

Focal Clear Trade-in Offer - save $500!
Focal Clear Trade-in Offer - save $500!
Focal is running a generous promotion on their best-selling Focal Clear Headphones. Trade-in ANY working headphone from ANY manufacturer and receive a $500 discount. This is a fabulous opportunity to upgrade your ‘cans, don’t let it pass you by!

Focal Clear: Was $1499, Now only $999 with exchange.

If their top-line Focal Utopia ($3999) doesn't fit your budget, consider the Focal Clear Headphones. Offering much of the performance of the Utopia, the Clear model sets a very high bar for quality and performance in the under $2k category. A few years ago, before the advent of headphones like big brother Utopia, this would have been considered one of the best headphones in the world. 

For $999 on the exchange special, it is truly a high performance bargain!

Take a look at Steven Stone's 2018 review in The Absolute Sound where he concluded,

"Flagships get the raves, while entry-level models get approving nods for their value and economy. But when it comes to pure value for the money, those overshadowed mid-line models are often the best options. That’s exactly what you get from the Clear—a well designed, beautifully made, high-performance earphone that can deliver an exceptional musical experience."

Exchanges must be branded products (no free giveaways) and in working condition. Original packaging is optional. Trades will be donated to a charity.

The Focal Clear Headphones are available for in-home audition through our Hi-End Headphone Library.

To order on special with an exchange, you can contact us, or place your online order for the Focal Clear headphones, and confirm what you will be exchanging in the comments box. We will confirm all by email. 
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