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Extended Special: Specials from HiFiMan

Extended Special: Specials from HiFiMan
Extended Special: Specials from HiFiMan

We have some terrific specials carrying over into October on some of our favorite HiFiMan headphones and earphones!

From the top:

Edition X v2 (was $1799, now $1299) offers many of the same features of the flagship HE1000: ultra-thin diaphragm technology, window-shade grille, asymmetrical ear-cup design, hybrid ear pads, ergonomic headband and more.

Edition X v2 went on a weight-loss program and is now much lighter for longer listening sessions. Motor improvements now give the Xv2 an amazing 103dB sensitivity, revealing more music for every iota of energy. Breaking new ground in performance, style and comfort for planar magnetic headphones, the Xv2 should be on your short list.

HE400i: reg. $449, now $249
Easy to drive, full size planar magnetic headphones. Great sound, lightweight and excellent resolution.

Edition S: available in White or Black: reg. $249, now $149
With a sensitivity rating of 112dB and impedance of 18ohms, Edition S can be driven by most portable devices.

RE600S v2: reg. $199, now $129
A for-real high end in ear monitor for a remarkable price.

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