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Extended Special: FREE $100 Upgrade to Symposium's "Svelte Plus"

Extended Special: FREE $100 Upgrade to Symposium's "Svelte Plus"
Extended Special:   FREE $100 Upgrade to Symposium's "Svelte Plus"

Symposium Acoustics Svelte Shelf ($249-699 depending on the size) is one of the most cost-effective isolation platforms available. 

They not only control both environmental vibration and component resonances, but also block RFI/EMI radiation. Constructed with attractive, brush polished stainless steel, they can be used either below components, as platforms, or on top of components as damping pads. At only 5/8” thick, the Svelte Shelf fits in places other isolation devices can’t go, and gives sonic benefits that belie its slender form. The Svelte is effective with all components - turntables, digital sources, preamplifiers, and amplifiers, power supplies (including AC "line conditioners”), and is particularly effective with loudspeakers - in fact, a double set of Svelte Shelves is offered as the  Svelte Shelf Speaker Set.

The Svelte Shelf is available in a wide range of sizes, with or without Symposium's own "Couplers" - precision-machined 7075 aircraft alloy discs which couple your component's chassis directly and efficiently to the platform in order to bypass built-in feet which contain much less effective materials such as rubber. 

Svelte Plus: 

If you can spare an extra 1/2” of vertical space, there is also an enhanced, 1 1/8” thick version called the  Svelte Plus Shelf, ($349-799 depending on the size) with a thicker closed cell foam section in the center for increased isolation and damping.


Extended for the month of July we have a terrific offer for you: 
purchase the regular Svelte Shelf in the stock size (no custom sizes on the special) you need, and upon request we will upgrade to the Svelte Plus version for FREE! This saves you $100.

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