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WBT 4% Silver Solder (Lead Based)

by WBT

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Highest quality solder with 4% fine silver content. The halogen-free flux protects against etching of surfaces and warrants long term stability and corrosion resistance. Low melting temperature of 180° C (356° F).

Recommended processing instructions:
* capacity of soldering equipment:
45-100 watts
* ideal temperature of soldering tip:
approx. 250° Celsius

WBT-0800 Silver Solder: 0.9mm diameter / 42 grams / 0.123 lbs. / 10m / 32.8ft
WBT-0820 Silver Solder: 0.8mm diameter / 250 grams / 0.575 lbs. / 73m /239 ft
WBT-0840 Silver Solder: 1.2mm diameter / 500 grams / 1.140 lbs. / 57m / 187ft

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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WBT-0840 4% Silver Solder (Lead Based)

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