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DH Labs February Specials: Promo Code FEB20

by DH Labs Silver Sonic (Specials)


DH Labs February Specials: Promo Code FEB20

Save 20% in February on some of the most popular cables from one of our top "bang for the buck" cable lines. Just use Promo Code FEB20 when you order.


20% off DH Labs BL-1 Series II  interconnects and BL-1 iCable

The BL-1 Series II  (reg. from $110/pr) use high purity silver, Teflon and oxygen-free copper for what we consider one of the best affordable cables out there. 100% shielded, silver soldered, and available with RCA's,  XLR's, or as the iCable>>>https://www.thecableco.com/bl-1-icable.html with a mini plug on one end and 2 RCA's on the other to connect your stereo to the headphone jack on most portables.


20% off DH Labs Glass Master Toslink cable

DH Labs  "Glass Master"  design (reg. from $165), uses 300 strands of glass fiber for the widest possible bandwidth. Terminated with high quality connectors and precision polishing of the surfaces at the connection points for low jitter.

Most Toslink cables are built from plastic fibers. But the highest performance, and most expensive versions, are all glass fiber designs (sometimes referred to as quartz fiber). Much more expensive to build, but worth it!


20% off DH Labs Power Plus AC Cables

Looking for a great AC cable that won't break the bank? DH Labs Power Plus might be just the ticket. Hand-made with high quality connectors, ultra pure copper conductors and fantastic sound quality, this is a great cable for not a lot of money.

Fully shielded and featuring 12AWG stranded OFHC copper conductors, Power Plus is a huge step up from the nasty sounding and light-gauge power cords that came with your gear. Power Plus delivers more energy with less distortion, allowing your gear to pull more of the power they so desperately need. The result is a smoother tonal balance, less noise and glare, improved resolution and a more relaxed and open presentation. 

Power Plus is a serious upgrade for any component ,and now for the month of February, enjoy 20% off on any length of these impressive power cords. If you've been waiting for the right moment to get better power cords into your system, now is the time!

Available with Schuko plugs for a small upcharge.

Just use Promo Code FEB20 when you order.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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  • DH Labs February Specials: Promo Code FEB20

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